Preparation for Boca-River Classic: Diego Martinez’s Plan for Recovery and Encouragement

19/02/2024 13:45hs.

Super is coming Boca. And it will be special, because of what it means, the legacy behind it and the performance shown in the last games. That is why Diego Martinez You should not speculate. Because he knows that a defeat would amplify a relationship with the fan who, for now, continues to be evaluated. And given that, this week will be different. Even, Coach Xeneize outlined a plan for the eve of the duel against River…

The defeat against Lanús was the first of its cycle. And it happened just prior to the most important game in front of Xeneize. And if we add to that the fact that the operation continues without producing results, the DT decided, this Monday, give his managers free time to recover energy after six demanding dates and appear this Tuesday in Boca Predio to start thinking about the classic rival in Sunday’s match.

“It’s a very important week. Surely, starting tomorrow we will set our minds on next week’s game.“, Martínez said after the defeat against Grana. Now, and in the midst of continuing to piece together the puzzle in terms of changes, positions and names, all energies will be focused on next Sunday against the Millionaire. A different match that will require special preparation…


It is true that the shortened calendar and playing during the week have meant that training times have been reduced to the maximum. Nevertheless, This week will be the longest since the start of the season. And that is what Martínez points to in which not only will his players be able to rest but they will also be able to regain energy ahead of the most important match.

“We are going to have a long work week, which is also important for us, to recover the string of meetings and time to be able to work. Surely, starting tomorrow, we will think about it, as we always do, knowing what this game is, working this week,” DM expressed about the issue of fatigue and how demanding these first six dates were with little work time.

Diego Martínez, during Lanús-Boca.

It will even be valuable to recover some names, such as, for example, that of Marcos Rojo to reach the Monumental. “He is already training almost normally. He looks very good, he is in the last stage of recovery. Surely, this week he will do everything on par with his teammates.”

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