Pozzecco on his time at Asvel: “The suffering was considerable, even unheard of”

Gianmarco Pozzeco, back on the bench of the Italian selection, looked back on his stay of a few weeks at Asvel. Arriving at the Villeurbanne team’s bedside at the beginning of November, the Italian was fired two months later. “The experience in Villeurbanne changed me a lot,” said the technician in the Italian daily Corriere dello sport.

“There’s no point hiding it: the suffering was considerable, if not incredible. » he adds, even if he recognizes that he “objectively bears responsibility” for the team’s poor results. When he left Ascel, he was strongly criticized by Tony Parker, president of Asvel. “The atomic fly”, his nickname, will return to the field this Thursday evening, at the head of Italy, which faces Turkey in qualifying for the Eurobasket.


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