POSCO Gwangyang Steel Mill’s New Work System: Employee Satisfaction on the Rise

POSCO Gwangyang Steel Mill introduces new work system, 1 month ago

Employees say, “Work satisfaction has actually increased.”

On the evening of the 15th, ahead of Friday’s break, Gwangyang Steel Works employees are leaving work. [포스코 제공]

[헤럴드경제=김성우 기자] POSCO Gwangyang Steel Mill announced on the 21st that an analysis of employee evaluations one month after introducing the biweekly four-day work system showed that employees’ work engagement and productivity had increased.

Previously, POSCO began implementing the ‘biweekly 4-day weekly selective working hour system’ on the 22nd of last month to create a happy workplace for employees by expanding ‘work-life balance’ and meeting the needs for a flexible work system. The gist of the policy is that employees can rest every other Friday as long as they work an extra hour from Monday to Thursday for two weeks, maintaining the average working hours of 40 hours per week.

A second-year employee working in the EIC Technology Department at Gwangyang Steel Works said, “On weeks when I have Friday off, my work immersion during working hours has increased significantly in order to complete all work by Thursday,” and “I am constantly learning how to handle work more efficiently.” “What I worry about has also changed,” he said happily.

A manager at the Safety and Disaster Prevention Group who has been working for 25 years also said, “If I have to do personal business on a weekday, it is good to be able to use the Friday off day to do it without using annual leave.” “In fact, I was able to work more rewardingly.”

With the implementation of the four-day system every other week, the number of employees taking continuous vacations from Thursday evening to Sunday or engaging in self-development activities such as climbing, badminton, and swimming to improve their capabilities has increased.

A third-year employee in the human resources and labor group at Gwangyang Steel Works said, “As the weekend actually extended to three days, I started learning badminton, which I had always wanted to do. I could feel my body and mind getting healthier day by day.” An employee of the Gwangyang Steel Works Administrative Relations Group said, “It was not easy to meet with my classmates because they all had personal schedules every weekend. Instead, we held a group meeting every weekend on Nolgeum (Nolgeum Friday) and opened consumption activities in the local community.” He said.

On the evening of the 16th, Friday, the day off, Gwangyang Steel Mill MZ generation employees are holding a meeting at a local restaurant. [포스코 제공]

Meanwhile, POSCO Gwangyang Steel Mill also changed its commuting policy to create working conditions following the implementation of the four-day workweek system. First, for full-time employees who use the four-day workweek system and work an extra hour on weekdays, we will operate an additional 10 buses that depart one hour later.

An official from Gwangyang Steel Works said, “We will continue to collect opinions from organization members to ensure the stable establishment of the four-day workweek system and improve working conditions in the future,” adding, “We will spread the ‘autonomy and responsibility’-centered work method and create an organizational culture to create a happy workplace.” “We will continue to innovate,” he said.

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