PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Wednesday February 21 in Cagnes-sur-Mer: Sun Fast shines under the Riviera sun

Arrival of the quinté: 4 – 7- 8 – 16 – 11

A real revelation in 2023 among jockeys, Alexis Pouchin is taking advantage of this start of the year to continue his momentum. By winning in the saddle on Sunfast (No. 4), he won his 13th success in 2024 and at the same time the 16th quinté of his career.

To do this, he quickly placed his partner in the wake of the leaders before launching him at the start of the straight. Despite a long distance of 2,500 m on the grass track of the Cagnes-sur-Mer racecourse, it was necessary to fight until the end to overcome the favorite, Veules (n° 7), who seemed to have makes the difference. “I expected a good performance if the ground was heavy but it was enough even if the track was just soft,” the jockey told Equidia. He was in good condition, very motivated and did it well. »

A clear distance from the first two, Cuncerto (No. 8), always seen at the forefront of the fight, retains second place at the expense of One Point (No. 16), an excellent finisher, and Wukhann (No. 11). In homage to Yolande Seydoux de Clausonne, owner of the last named, all the jockeys at the start wore a black armband.

Dimitri Fortin, in six horses, and our summary, in seven, indicated the quinté in disorder.


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