Player Ratings: Team Performance and Standout Players in Last Night’s Match

J. Broun (5): nothing to do in the penalty shot very well executed by De Blasis. He almost didn’t have work all night.

D. Martinez (4): He converted an unnecessary penalty at the end of the first stage. In general terms he did not suffer in the brand. It was clear that he had been inactive for two months.

F. Mallo (6): correct, as always. He won by head in both areas. It never got complicated. Some mistakes when passing the ball.

C. Quintana (7): He jumped higher than everyone and scored the first, with a header. He almost never missed the mark. Very good match. He was replaced by Russo because the Classic is coming.

A. Sández (6.5): impassive on his side. It was always shown as a way out. He went on the attack several times and did so with discretion.

E. Ocampo (6): He piled up rivals in a hooking position and then assisted Martínez Dupuy. He ran along his side and did it both backwards and forwards.

K. Ortiz (6,5): good match. After several poor performances he performed well. He said he was present in a fundamental area of ​​the field. He took off and ran a lot, as always.

J. Gómez (8): the figure of the party. Great shot on the free kick that led to Quintana’s goal. Beyond that, he was the owner of the ball and shouldered the football of a team that until last night had cost him too much.

I. Malcorra (5): He played on the left and generally had an acceptable game. He still lacks the prominence of the last tournament.

T. Cervera (5): a lot of dedication, few ideas. He could never understand himself with Martínez Dupuy. He couldn’t make out the speed of him.

L. Martínez Dupuy (6): He converted the second after a hit and a hit to Insfrán’s far post. Beyond that he had a good performance since he demanded several times from the rival defenders and played well with his back.

M. Martínez (-): When he entered, he did so correctly and contributed his experience when it came to handling some instances of the game.

F. Ibarra (-): He added minutes and proved to be a good alternative in the middle of the field.

JC Komar (-): He replaced Quintana and had no problems getting some very good minutes on the court.

A. Modica ( ): He entered for Martínez Dupuy and positioned himself well as nine. He had one that he resolved with his chest but found a good response from the rival goalkeeper.

J. Campaz (-): He played the last few minutes, he couldn’t do much.

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