Pistons, Monty Williams sets goals for the final part of the regular season

Monty Williams, coach of the Detroit Pistons, talks about his objectives for the second part of the regular season, which he will have to face with a roster that has 7/8 new players.

Including a convincing Simone Fontecchio in his first outings with his new jersey.

“When you try to incorporate so many kids, some sort of decline is almost inevitable. Between trades and cuts we lost several players who had a role in the rotation. Today Evan Fournier is the sixth man, a boy who hasn’t played for who knows how long. He’s all part of the game, but it’s complicated….

“I told all of our guys that we have to come back with great focus and determination to have momentum heading into the summer,” Williams said. “This will require a lot of sacrifice, determination and focus. We want to win some games, but also grow as a program in the last part of the regular season.”

2024-02-18 15:02:24
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