Paris 2024 Olympic Games: a surprise sale of new tickets will take place on Monday March 4

On your marks, ready? Go ! For athletics enthusiasts, this is no longer the time for fun. A new ticket sales session will take place on Monday March 4 at 10 a.m. on the official website of the Paris 2024 Ticket Office

This “athletics special” ticket sale will be accompanied by another highlight, the unveiling of the official poster for the Games.

This second surprise meeting (after the launch of new tickets on Thursday February 8) will revolve exclusively around athletics, the events of which will mainly take place at the Stade de France from August 2 to 10. Certain disciplines will also be sold, but in very limited numbers.

The price of places will range from 24 euros (for the morning sessions), to 85 euros (evening sessions with finals each day) or even 125 euros (for the session including the men’s 100m final).

As a reminder, the sale will be open to all, without drawing lots, according to the rule of first come, first served. Finally, there will be a maximum of 30 Olympic tickets purchased per ticketing account, taking into account previous orders.

Several tens of thousands of new tickets will be on sale during this “special athletics” spring break. This is part of the surprise meetings at the Paris 2024 ticket office, which will mark out the coming weeks leading up to the Games – at approximately one meeting per month – offering as many opportunities to meet obtain tickets for the Games.


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