Pablo Sandoval Returns to Giants for Minor League Spring Training

Pablo Sandoval He kept his promise and showed up with los Giants for spring training with a contract of Minor Leagues. The Venezuelan warned some of his former teammates in August 2023 that he would soon return to The majors.

I told them I would be back next year. They thought she was joking, but she was serious. After three years, to be out of the league and given a chance to get back on the field is wonderful. I see it that way, because it’s been a while and I missed him a lot. I had the opportunity to train this year so that all this progress had me in the best shape of my life,” mentioned the 37-year-old player.

The Panda was present with the Olmecs of Tabasco from Mexican Baseball Leagueas well as in the new league Baseball United in Dubai and with the Santurce Crab Eaterssince his last appearance in the Major Leagues in 2021with the clear intention of returning thanks to the inspiration of his son Liam.

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I had the opportunity to take my kids to the field and train with him a little bit. He told me, ‘Dad, you can still play. You can still hit the ball well.’ That caused him to think more about baseball. All the things he told me pushed me to do everything I knew how to do.”

The atmosphere is positive in the franchise, they see opportunities for him to be a mentor for young people. Regarding his possibility of earning a place, the three-time champion of the World Series He made it clear that it will be a process, that from below he will seek to earn a place, even if he has to start playing in Triple-A in Sacramento. While the manager Bob Melvin was happy with how motivated Pablo Sandoval is.

He has an infectious personality. Has experience. He came motivated and I think that our young people can also emulate a lot of him. He doesn’t want to know anything about how many chances he has of earning a spot. He will go out to play and try to convince us.”


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