OL Groupe Acquires RWD Molenbeek from John Textor: A Strategic Move towards NYSE Listing

The Belgian newspaper “SudInfo” brings this Saturday (24/2) an interesting report showing that the RWD Molenbeekclub John Textorwas sold by Eagle Football to OL Groupe, the holding company that controls the Lyonfor around R$80 million.

In practice, it is a sale from John Textor to John Textor himself, as the French club also has the American businessman as a majority shareholder.

According to the report, This transfer aims to bring together all football-related activities by Eagle Football Holdings to Eagle Football Group, the new name that OL Groupe will have before March 31, with the aim of listing it on the New York Stock Exchange. Will the Botafogo join this story?

The operation involving RWD Molenbeek was worth €14.5 million (R$77.9 million at the current price), allowing OL Grupe, 90% under the control of Eagle Football, to acquire 98.68% of the shares held by Eagle . This shows that Textor increased his stake in the Belgian club, which previously was 80%, contributing a capital increase of €20 million (R$107.4 million) in January, according to the balance sheet.

The operation involving OL Groupe must still be voted on at Lyon’s general meeting.

2024-02-24 12:20:02
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