Nunavut Athletes Training in Saskatchewan for Upcoming Arctic Winter Games

Nunavut athletes are in Saskatchewan this week to train with university players and coaches in preparation for the Arctic Winter Games next month.

In total, four teams from Nunavut, two basketball teams and two volleyball teams, are participating in this training camp.

Both basketball teams had training with players and coaches at the University of Regina, while the volleyball teams trained at the University © of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon.

Subsequently, all teams had the opportunity to play exhibition matches in Regina.

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Athletes from Nunavut are in Saskatchewan this week training in preparation for the 2024 Arctic Winter Games.

Photo: Provided by Peter Scoular

Olivia Tapatai serves as coach of the Nunavut junior women’s basketball team, which is made up of players aged 19 and under.

She believes that this training with university teams in Saskatchewan promoted team building and the development of the athletes’ skills.

“We have athletes from three different communities coming together to play together for the first time and training together for the first time as well,” says Olivia Tapatai.

She considers that training also played an essential role in motivating the players and strengthening their confidence on the field.

The players on the women’s team come from a fairly small group, as there aren’t many girls playing basketball. [Nous] let’s try to change that, explains the coach.

They had the opportunity to see women playing the sport they play at a high level and to receive training from women who do what they want to do, who play the way they want to, adds -She.

I find it extraordinary to see this group from three communities playing together and breaking down barriers to come together as Team Nunavut.

The 2024 Arctic Winter Games will take place from March 10 to 16 in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Alaska, United States.

We learned to be good teammates

Originally from Baker Lake, Nunavut, Haley Hachey came from Vancouver, where she studies, to participate in this training camp.

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Haley Hachey is a member of the Nunavut junior girls’ basketball team.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Cory Herperger

I was very excited to bond with other athletes, see how they play and finally get to meet each other, as we have been waiting for weeks this moment, explains Haley Hachey.

We learned much more than on-the-job skills. […] We learned to be good teammates, to support each other, to applaud when someone is on the field. You have to get involved on the bench, adds the athlete.

Another member of the junior girls’ basketball team, Keira Tikhak-Kaomayok, notes that her basketball skills have improved throughout the training sessions.

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Keira Tikhak-Kaomayok is a member of the Nunavut junior girls’ basketball team.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Cory Herperger

I’m going to take this training home and teach it to some of my friends and some of the little girls that I train, says Keira Tikhak-Kaomayok.

That’s great. […] “It helps me get to know my teammates and their way of playing better,” concludes the athlete.

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