Nocerina-Sarrabus: the two souls perfectly in tune

Let’s go back to the Stadium Saint Francis of Assisi of Nocera for the advance of the 24th matchday of Serie D group G between the Rossoneri hosts and the Sardinians of Sarrabus Ogliastra. High ranking match for Nocerina who, fresh from seven consecutive victories, fight with a knife between their teeth so as not to lose the wake of Cavese, who apparently intend not to repeat the sporting suicide of last season.

The weather is not favorable but we are waiting to see the Nocerino fans at home, after the trip to Ischia in December and the 114th anniversary celebration, so we are ready for any adversity to close this ideal circle.

When we arrive the stands are already packed with spectators and the number of photographers on the pitch is no less, underlining not only the importance of the match but also the emotional participation of the fans, which is indirectly reflected precisely by the media overexposure of the same. Guest fans are not expected according to the presale data, so the expected spectacle is all for Nocerina.

A fierce match is one that takes place on the pitch, played until the end, which sees the supremacy of the home team matched by an excellent performance from the opponents. Liurni’s goal in the first half warmed up the fans in the stands and the already fired-up crowd grew even more enthusiastic and passionate. A few smoke bombs color the sector, defying the rain which continues incessantly for the entire ninety minutes of the game plus injury time.

The fans at home did not disappoint expectations at all: the ultras crowded in the Curva Sud were, ultimately, the authors of a great cheering performance, encouraging the team on the pitch which in turn, with a vigorous performance, motivated the fans on the stands to make themselves heard strong. Almost perfect understanding between the two souls of Saint Francis.

Nocerina wins in the end, the stadium is a riot of applause and chants: these latest victories were like fuel on a fire that had never gone out. The enthusiasm of the fans has become evident and strong again: for those who always believe in it, beyond all contingencies, the cyclical nature of time will sooner or later be able to make the sun shine again.

Text by Imma Borrelli
Photo by Imma Borrelli and Davide Gallo

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