Nine injured in acid attack in south London

London Nine people, including two children and three police officers, have been taken to a south London hospital after what appears to be, according to initial indications, an acid attack, which took place in the early hours of this Wednesday evening . A woman and her two young children were the direct victims of the attack, when a man, who then ran away, threw a corrosive substance at them while they were driving on Lesser Avenue, a road near the Clapham area Common. At the scene of the events, you can still see a white passenger car, four, in which the woman and the two children were traveling. The fact that a woman and the two children accompanying her in the vehicle received the direct impact of the substance thrown at them by a man makes us suspect a sexist crime.

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Three other adults were injured when they tried to help the woman and the children. In total, nine people have been treated, five of whom have been admitted to a trauma center in serious condition. Three other victims were treated at a local hospital and the other was released at the scene.

According to the first information transmitted by the local press, Detective Superintendent Alexander Castle has stated that “while the tests are being carried out to determine what the substance is, we believe it is a corrosive one. A man has been seen fleeing the site of the facts”.

Although it is too early to draw any kind of conclusion, and the motivations are unknown, acid attacks in London are unfortunately not extraordinary, although in recent years they had not been recorded or, at least, reported none But in 2016 the number of assaults with this kind of substance reached 454. And in 2015 there were 261. Between June and July 2017 there were also, in what appeared as a phenomenon of crime by imitation . The increase of almost 100 per cent in one year put the UK, for example, alongside Bangladesh, among the countries with the highest proportion of this kind of violence in relation to the population.

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