NFL: 2024 Franchise Tag News and Rumors

Negotiations can take place in the NFL from February 20th to March 5th. The franchises can place the franchise tag on their own free agents so as not to lose them. All news and rumors about the awarding of franchise tags can be found here!

Not all free agents have been confirmed yet. Teams have until March 5th to place the franchise tag on one of their top players whose contract is expiring and thus bind him to the team.

ran explains what the franchise tag is and summarizes all the important news about the offseason commitments.

Update, February 20, 11:30 p.m.: Giants probably won’t use franchise tag for Saquon Barkley

According to Giants reporter Paul Schwartz, the New York franchise is unlikely to use its franchise tag on Saquon Barkley.

The former “Offensive Rookie of the Year” has been playing for the New York Giants since 2018 and has always been one of the franchise’s best offensive players. If they don’t keep him, it remains to be seen how they plan to rebuild their offense for the coming season.

NFL: What are franchise tags?

In the NFL, franchise tags are contractual measures that a franchise can apply to individual players. A distinction is made between three variants. Each franchise may only award one franchise tag and one transition tag per year. The team can also apply the tags without the player’s consent. If the player refuses to sign the resulting one-year contract, his only option is a so-called holdout – i.e. a strike without pay.

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Variant 1: exclusive franchise tag

In this case, the free agent is not allowed to negotiate with any other team. The annual salary is calculated from the average of the highest five salaries in his position group from the past five years. Alternatively, it is 120 percent of the player’s salary from the previous season – whichever is higher.

Variant 2: non-exclusive franchise tag

These free agents are allowed to negotiate with other clubs. If the player comes to an agreement with a team, the previous employer can counter with an identical offer. Should a change nevertheless occur, the surrendering franchise will receive two first-round draft picks from the bidding club in return.

Variant 3: Transition day

As with the non-exclusive franchise tag, other teams are allowed to negotiate with the player. Here too, the existing team has the opportunity to go along with any offer. However, there is no compensation if the player loses.
In contrast to the two franchise tags, the guaranteed salary here is the average income of the ten highest-paid players in the position, i.e. a significantly cheaper option for the teams.

No matter which option the teams choose: the expected salary depends on the position group. How high the salaries are varies.
Who goes and who stays? These teams have to make decisions.

Which players could receive a franchise tag?

These NFL players should get a franchise tag in 2024
From now on, things will get really serious for the first time in the NFL offseason. The two-week phase in which teams can retain important players with the so-called franchise tag begins. Each franchise can tag a player from their roster who would become an unrestricted free agent. © USA TODAY Network

These NFL players should get a franchise tag in 2024
The teams can choose between the exclusive franchise tag and the non-exclusive franchise tag. The exclusive tag prohibits the player from negotiating with other teams. The non-exclusive tag allows negotiations; if the player were to be changed, the team that awarded the tag would receive two first-round picks as compensation. © 2023 Getty Images

These NFL players should get a franchise tag in 2024
A franchise tag is basically nothing more than another one-year contract; the salary corresponds to either the average value of the five highest-paid players in the respective position or 120 percent of the player’s previous year’s salary, whichever is higher. ran looks at players who should be tagged by their teams in 2024.© Icon Sportswire

Mike Evans (Wide Receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
His name often goes under the radar, but Mike Evans is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL in recent years. In ten seasons he always cracked the 1,000 receiving yards mark; the 30-year-old is the most important building block in the Bucs’ offense. Tampa Bay simply can’t do without him.© 2024 Getty Images

Antoine Winfield Jr. (Safety, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
If the Buccaneers and Evans reach a contract extension in time, Antoine Winfield would also be an obvious candidate for the day. The safety was one of the best players in the league at his position. Six sacks, six (!) forced fumbles and three interceptions speak for themselves.© 2023 Getty Images

Tee Higgins (Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals)
The Bengals already have Ja’Marr Chase as their franchise receiver of the future, but Tee Higgins has been a more than reliable number two lately and stepped into the breach when Chase was injured. In the long term, the Bengals can’t keep both, but in order to keep the Super Bowl window open for at least one more season, they also need 2024 Higgins.© 2023 Getty Images

Jaylon Johnson (Cornerback, Chicago Bears)
The Bears’ defense was the big surprise of the second half of the season, with the trade for pass rusher Montez Sweat being just as crucial as the performance of cornerback Jaylon Johnson. Chicago has the puzzle offensively of which quarterback should be the future. Johnson must not fall behind. There has to be a contract or a day here.© 2023 Getty Images

Kyle Dugger (Safety, New England Patriots)
There hasn’t been much going on with the New England Patriots in recent years. However, a true all-purpose weapon is Kyle Dugger. The safety is one of the best in the league in both coverage and tackling. It’s easy to imagine that new coach Jerod Mayo, as a former defense ace, is a big fan of his.© GEPA pictures

Brian Burns (Edge Rusher, Carolina Panthers)
The Panthers have a lot of work to do, but at least in the pass rush they have a more than reliable player in Brian Burns. He recorded eight sacks, two passes defended and a forced fumble last season. Burns might not like it, but one day isn’t really an issue here.© USA TODAY Network

Justin Madubuike (Defensive Tackle, Baltimore Ravens)
The Ravens had an absolutely elite defense – and Justin Madubuike was an integral part of it. The defensive tackle has an incredible 13 sacks and also forced two fumbles. After numerous defense coaches have already left, the departure of Madubuike would be the next big blow for the unit. © UPI Photo

Chris Jones (Defensive Tackle, Kansas City Chiefs)
Another franchise tag for Chris Jones would probably break all records for a non-quarterback, with talk of more than $32 million. The Chiefs would have difficulty affording this amount due to the salary cap. However, it would be possible to tag Jones and then trade him. The compensation for one of the NFL’s best defensive players should be huge.© 2024 Getty Images

Josh Allen (Outside Linebacker, Jacksonville Jaguars)
Josh Allen is the Jaguars’ exceptional defensive player; his 17.5 sacks last season were only surpassed by TJ Watt. Actually, Allen should get a long-term contract quickly, but it would be completely disastrous to simply send him into free agency and risk him signing somewhere else.© ZUMA Wire

Tony Pollard (Running Back, Dallas Cowboys)
Tony Pollard was already kept under the franchise tag last year, but back then he was coming off a much better season. But in 2023 he only cracked the 100-yard mark once. Given his recent performance, a tag here might be inappropriate, but running backs are comparatively cheap on the franchise tag. Dallas wouldn’t have much to lose.© 2023 Getty Images

Josh Jacobs (Running Back, Las Vegas Raiders)
Josh Jacobs and Pollard’s situations are very similar. The Raiders professional was also tagged after a very strong season in 2022, but was only a shadow of himself in 2023. But the same applies here: Jacobs would be quite cheap and maybe he will find his old form again.© USA TODAY Network

Dalton Schultz (Tight End, Houston Texans)
The intra-Texas move from the Cowboys to the Texans was completely worth it for Dalton Schultz, and Houston was also able to look forward to a reliable player. He was an important target for quarterback CJ Stroud and a building block in the playmaker’s rapid development. The franchise tag for tight ends is worth twelve million dollars – that’s what Houston should invest.© ZUMA Wire

Michael Pittman Jr. (Wide Receiver, Indianapolis Colts)
Michael Pittman is the clear number one receiver on the Colts’ roster, and that should be reflected in his paycheck – whether via a long-term contract or via the franchise tag. In any case, the Colts cannot afford to let their best offensive weapon go in the passing game.© USA TODAY Network

Kevin Dotson (Guard, Los Angeles Rams)
As part of a trade, Kevin Dotson came from the Steelers to the Rams before the 2023 season and established himself as one of the best run blockers in the league. Running back Kyren Williams knew how to take advantage of that. The Rams should do everything they can to keep Dotson.© Icon Sportswire

Saquon Barkley (Running Back, New York Giants)
Saquon Barkley’s best years appear to be over, but he is still by far the Giants’ best offensive skill player. The G-Men are probably facing another difficult season, so they need a constant like Barkley, even if he will probably no longer be able to reach his old form.© 2024 Getty Images

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