New Junior High School Softball Club Launched in Miyukino, Iiyama

On February 23, a club team for junior high school softball was launched based on the organization that operates the Iiyama Little Senior League, a junior high school hardball club. This initiative is aimed at the complete regional transition of junior high school activities, and it is unusual for one organization to organize both hardball and softball teams. In the fluid world of junior high school baseball, a new player has opened up in Miyukino, Iiyama.

↓ Staff members instructing the softball baseball club at the new Miyukino Baseball Club organization

Iiyama Senior has been operated by the “Iiyama Little Senior League Miyukino Club” for about 30 years as a reception area for junior high school students from Iiyama City and the surrounding “Miyukino area.”

Meanwhile, in Iiyama City, there are baseball clubs at both Iiyama Jonan and Iiyama Jonan junior high schools, but the current members (1st and 2nd year students) are 11 and 4, respectively, and they participated as a joint team in last fall’s Junior High School Federation New Year’s Tournament. There was a need to form a club team in anticipation of the complete transfer of club activities to the local community in two years.

Normally, a softball club is organized separately from a hardball team, but “There is no need to form two groups in a small area,” said Okuhara, chairman of Iiyama Senior. Chairman Okuhara, who has also served as a manager, has seen senior players switch to softball, and conversely, third-year players who retired from club activities join the senior team mid-way.

Therefore, a new management organization, “JHS (Junior High School) Miyukino Baseball Club,” was established, and the hardball team, Iiyama Senior, and the softball team, “Miyukino Softball Club,” were organized. Both teams have their own full-time managers and coaches. The regulations also state that players can join and leave the senior and softball teams as long as it does not affect both teams.

On this day, following the general meeting of Iiyama Seniors (24 players), the founding general meeting of the new organization was also held. Senior and junior high school leaders and parents were in attendance. Chairman Okuhara assumed the position of chairman of the new organization.

For the time being, the softball club will be active as a club activity for each school on weekdays, and players from both schools will be active together as a club on weekends. He participates in softball and junior high school tournaments as a club. Teruyuki Yasukawa, an advisor to Jonan Junior High School and the teacher who became the club’s manager, is an alumnus of Iiyama Senior, and Chairman Okuhara is the coach at the time, and Iiyama Senior’s current manager, Yoichi Abe, is the coach at the time, and has a deep relationship with the seniors. Teacher Yasukawa welcomed the move, saying, “It will be easier for children to make choices.It is important to create an environment where they can play baseball with peace of mind.”

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