Neapolitan Tobacco Shop Owner Organizes Celebration for Gevi Napoli Basket Italian Cup Victory

The party

The initiative of Massimiliano Nota, a former boxer, who today runs a tobacco shop which is a point of reference in the area. There are many socio-cultural events that he organizes for the neighborhood. The enthusiasm for the triumph of the ‘blue’ basketball players was contagious

The victory of Italian Cup on the part of Gevi Napoli Basket gave a smile to the many Neapolitan fans who were saddened by the performance of their football team. Even those who were less passionate about basketball rejoiced at this triumph against the battleship ofOlimpia Milancoincidentally – from a football rivalry point of view – precisely a Torino. In general the Gevi Napoli Basket is having an extraordinary season, maintaining the top positions in the rankings. All born from a very young company, founded on the ashes of another which went bankrupt years ago. A ‘homeless’ team, adapted to the prefabricated structure of the firecracker of Naples, in the neighborhood Fuorigrotta.

Gevi Napoli Basket wins the Italian Cup

And to see a team with one of the lowest budgets in the world Legawithout its own building and with a newly built building available 5 thousand seats, warms the heart. Especially if we think that the baskettogether with many other disciplines, is considered – with the malice that only clichés can reserve – a sport minor. Yet the Gevi Napoli Basket has a great fan base, which always fills the stadium firecracker and follows the ‘heroes’ everywhere Torino. Now we can only hope that the promises made by the mayor Gaetano Manfredi, on the construction of a building suitable for the ambitions of this club, are kept (the historic palargento which is also located in the neighborhood Fuorigrotta is in ruins). The mayor welcomed the team with great fanfare, fresh from victory. Let’s hope it wasn’t just political marketing.

The banner for Gevi Napoli Basket

Meanwhile, the enthusiasm for the Gevi Napoli Basket it was contagious. There were many demonstrations of affection and warmth from the Neapolitan citizens for the Azzurri players. Not only the great welcome on the occasion of their return from Turin, not only the crowd that embraced them on the occasion of the meeting with the mayor. To the Spanish Quarters a banner also appeared. Above it is written: “In triumphant Turin, Naples…winning generation!“. It was this nice initiative that was created Massimiliano Notaformer boxer and manager of a well-known tobacco shop located in via San Mattia. Use he is often an organizer of socio-cultural events in the neighborhood. “It was a great victory, those guys made us proud and we are proud and happy to be their fans“, explained the volcanic tobacconist to the Unity.

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