Neapolitan Athlete Marco Maddaloni Leaves Big Brother House for ‘Personal Reasons’

Neapolitan Athlete Marco Maddaloni Leaves Big Brother House for ‘Personal Reasons’

Marco Maddalonia well-known Neapolitan athlete and judo star, has temporarily left the house of Big Brother. The news was communicated by the production of reality show of Canale 5 on the night between Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th February. Not much information has been provided about the reason for this unexpected decision, only “personal reasons” are mentioned.

A successful athlete

Maddaloni is a successful athlete in the world of judo: he is a two-time European champion, has won three gold medals in the World Cup and has been Italian champion seven times. His participation in Big Brother has aroused great interest, but now fans are wondering what the personal reasons are that pushed him to leave the reality show.

A mysterious exit

Maddaloni’s exit from Big Brother is shrouded in mystery. On the reality show’s website we only read that the exit is linked to personal reasons. This formula is often used to respect the privacy of competitors.

Paolo Masella reveals the reason

Paolo Masella revealed a Beatrice Luzzi the reason why Marco Maddaloni temporarily left the GF’s house: “He wanted information on the contract” he declared whisper before the regia censored the audio. During the episode, Maddaloni complained about the length of the reality show: “What have you got into your head?” he had asked Signorini.

While waiting for further developments, fans of Big Brother and Marco Maddaloni are waiting to understand if and when the athlete will return to the house.

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