NBA Trade Deadline Live Ticker: All the Latest News, Rumors, and Trades from the NBA’s Trade Deadline Day

Thursday is the trade deadline in the NBA. On this occasion we will follow the events in the live ticker. Here you can find all the news, rumors and trades from the best basketball league in the world.

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NBA Rumors: The most important news of the day

  • 7:28 p.m.: Apparently DeRozan has little momentum
  • 6.42 p.m.: Wolves apparently interested in Schröder
  • 6:11 p.m.: Rubio signs with Barcelona
  • 5:06 p.m.: Lakers standstill “more likely”
  • 4:47 p.m.: Westbrook looks back on Lakers farewell
  • 4:15 p.m.: Russell declares no trade blocker

NBA: Cavs are probably eyeing the buyout market

8:02 p.m.: However, most buyouts happen after a trade, so one or two candidates could be added in the next 49 hours. Like Russell Westbrook last season, who has played an important role for the Clippers ever since. In most recent cases, however, players had little influence in the playoffs after they were bought out to another team.

7:57 p.m.: It will be very interesting to see how the buyout market develops this season. The new CBA rules apply for the first time, which means that some contenders in the second apron are not allowed to sign a player after a buyout above the salary cap. This makes a buyout less attractive for veterans looking for a ring; so far only Kyle Lowry is known as a candidate for this.

7:48 p.m.: The Cavs could remain inactive at the deadline, we’re now hearing that from a second source. Jason Lloyd (The Athletic) confirms this, adding that the Cavs could instead strengthen with a player who hits the open market via a buyout.

NBA: Apparently little momentum with DeRozan

7:36 p.m.: Paul George is under contract with the Clippers until 2025, and a season and a half before free agency, one or two stars were surprisingly traded… But that seems pretty unlikely given the Clippers’ current form. Zach Lowe (ESPN) also stated that he expects a contract extension for George before he becomes a free agent.

7:28 p.m.: The Chicago Bulls and DeMar DeRozan appear to be far away from a contract extension, but a trade for the soon-to-be free agent doesn’t seem to be imminent at the moment. Chris Haynes (Bleacher Report) reported that he hasn’t heard anything along those lines and expects DeRozan to finish the season in Chicago. Then both teams would try again to agree on a new contract.

7:15 p.m.: The Hornets apparently won’t give up Miles Bridges cheaply. “Charlotte has asked some teams for their best young player and a first-round pick, I heard,” said Vincent Goodwill (Yahoo Sports) on the “Good Word” podcast. Bridges is making $7.9 million in the final year of his contract.

NBA: Wolves apparently interested in Schröder

7:01 p.m.: The Lakers already announced the unveiling of the Kobe Bryant statue before the game against the Denver Nuggets on Thursday, but it doesn’t stop there. The team now revealed that they will also wear the “Black Mamba” jerseys, whose design Bryant himself influenced. The Lakers first wore the jerseys in January 2018, and again in the 2020 playoffs, which they completed with the 17th championship in franchise history.

Dennis Schröder spoke plainly after the bankruptcy in Detroit.

6:55 p.m.: The Wolves are probably considering some backups for Mike Conley at number one, according to Michael Scotto (HoopsHype), Minnesota is also interested in bringing Tyus Jones back. However, the top team in the West is not alone in this; the Lakers, Magic, Nets and Spurs would also apparently like to see the very reliable playmaker in their ranks.

6:42 p.m.: Dennis Schröder from the Toronto Raptors could still stay in the far north of the NBA even if he is traded. According to Jon Krawczynski (The Athletic), the Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in Schröder and Kyle Lowry. Lowry was traded from Miami to the Charlotte Hornets, who are likely to wrap him up in another deal or make him a free agent via buyout. Wolves coach Chris Finch knows Lowry from their time together with the Raptors.

NBA: Ricky Rubio signs with FC Barcelona

6:28 p.m.: We’re staying mentally in Cleveland for the moment (we don’t necessarily have to go there physically, you hear): The Cavs have won 14 of their last 15 games, so a trade for Donovan Mitchell or other top performers is certainly off the table. President Koby Altman would therefore only come to the negotiating table as a buyer, but this also seems unlikely according to Sam Amico (Hoops Hype). The Cavs are obviously very happy and confident with the eight to 10 players that would play in the playoffs.

6:20 p.m.: Rubio had already taken part in the Catalans’ training several times in the past few weeks after his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers was terminated via a buyout on January 4th. Rubio came to Barcelona as an 18-year-old, where he played for two seasons before making the jump to the NBA.

6:11 p.m.: Let’s get to some happy news! Ricky Rubio has apparently signed a contract with FC Barcelona until the end of the season, as Jesus Sanchez (Marca) reports. The deal should be finalized before tomorrow’s deadline at 5 p.m. so that Rubio can be used in the EuroLeague. The contract should be tailored to Rubio’s situation so that the 33-year-old does not necessarily have to play if he is unable to do so. Rubio ended his NBA career due to mental problems.

NBA: Three reasons for the quiet trade deadline

5:58 p.m.: A third reason could be the unequal distribution of draft capital. The Suns, for example, have already been very aggressive in trade talks, but have nothing left to offer other than probably late second-round picks. 11 teams hold 75 percent of the first round picks until 2030, which means many other teams lack the options. However, you can also look at it this way: If the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz invest, it could really stimulate the market!

5:47 p.m.: The new regulations in the collective agreement (CBA) probably also play a role. The restrictions on franchises in the second apron above the salary cap make it more difficult for these teams to build depth on the roster, as, among other things, buyouts are eliminated. As a result, these teams appear to be paying more attention to retaining their future picks in order to draft players for depth.

5:40 p.m.: With the trades by OG Anunoby and Pascal I’m sorry There were already two big deals weeks before the deadline, but things have been pretty quiet since then. According to Wojnarowski and Bobby Marks (ESPN), this is partly because there is not much interest in picks for the 2024 draft in the league. The rookies of the coming season will be rated weaker overall than in previous years.

NBA: Lakers inactivity has apparently become more likely

5:32 p.m.: Since 2018, no player has taken part in the All-Star Game and the Dunk Contest on the same weekend, but that could change, according to Sam Quinn (CBS Sports). Jaylen Brown from the Boston Celtics is thinking about taking part in the Dunk Contest; he was also chosen as an Eastern Conference reserve. The last person who dared to do this was Victor Oladipo.

5:18 p.m.: Although James has made it clear that he would like to see the organization go all-in,” Buva wrote, “It has become more likely in recent days that the Lakers will remain inactive.” How the Lakers are approaching the upcoming deadline, could already give an indication that how long the era of LeBron James will last with the Los Angeles Lakers.

5:06 p.m.: LeBron James doesn’t hold back with his statements in the past few weeks, his expectations of the Lakers are clear. He calls for further reinforcements, but the franchise apparently won’t necessarily comply. According to Johan Buva (The Athletic), the likelihood that the Lakers will stick with the current roster or just make a minor change is increasing.

NBA: Westbrook was ready to say goodbye to Lakers

4:55 p.m.: Russell was prepared to play for Utah. However, the Jazz did not plan for this, so Westbrook was not with the team. “There were a lot of different emotions. I was happy too, definitely. There was just a lot going on at the time,” he revealed. At first he enjoyed some time at home with his children, but then he got nervous and traveled to Las Vegas for a mini camp. Westbrook trained there three times a day for four days. “Just to clear your head. It was mostly for mental release.”

4:47 p.m.: The 35-year-old was traded from the Lakers to the Jazz last February before joining the Clippers via a buyout just under two weeks ago. He signed a new two-year contract there in the summer. “I was ready to play for another team,” Westbrook revealed in an interview with Ohm Youngmisuk (ESPN): “The way the situation was and the way it ended… I felt like I was having fun again afterwards Play.”

4:43 p.m.: Especially in US sports, you get a lot of information about players’ salaries and teams’ cap space; numbers play a huge role before the deadline. One should not forget what a trade can mean for the players as people. Some move with their families from one day to the next, others have more joy in everyday life again. Same with Russell Westbrook.

NBA: Embiid undergoes surgery

4:31 p.m.: With the initial four-week timeline, it appears Embiid has opted for a short-term solution to surgery. With the meniscus, there is usually a choice between cutting something off or repairing it completely. The complete repair would probably have meant the end of the season for Embiid.

4:19 p.m.: There’s news about the MVP! According to Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN), Joel Embiid underwent surgery on his left meniscus today and there will be a new assessment of his status in four weeks. The Philadelphia 76ers remain confident that Embiid can return to the floor this season.

4:15 p.m.: When asked directly about waiving the no-trade clause in the summer, Russell explained: “I just felt like it made sense. I’ve played for the Lakers before, I know what it takes to be successful here “If you’re part of the future, you’ll be successful. If you’re not, you’ll be traded. I’ve been traded here before. So my approach is different this time.”

Los Angeles Lakers: The squad at a glance (salaries in million dollars)

NBA: Russell shuts down rumors

4:08 p.m.: “I don’t care. Completely,” Russell made clear in an interview with McMenamin when he was asked about the many rumors about him: “I’m going to work. That’s all. I can’t control my contract either “It’s good to trade. I just play. I don’t care about the rest. Complete.”

4:01 p.m.: D’Angelo Russell will be fine been mentioned in trade rumors every day for weeks, although the Los Angeles Lakers guard could have prevented this last summer. In his new contract for one season plus a player option for another year, he could have insisted on a no-trade clause, but decided not to. This is reported by Dave McMenamin (ESPN). Accordingly, Russell has been discussed by the Lakers in the past few days, in addition to the already known discussions with the Atlanta Hawks, also with the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets.

4 p.m.: We haven’t seen any transactions before this week’s deadline yet, but maybe that will change today. The teams still have 53 hours, let’s see if something happens in the next 8. Here we go!

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