Naoya Inoue vs Neri 2024: Schedule, Venue, and How to Watch Live

Will there be a notable match?

It seems likely that a match between professional boxing super bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue and former two-division world champion Luis Neri will take place in May of this year (Naoya Inoue vs. Neri 2024) ).

Inoue became the second player in history to unify four titles in two weight classes with his match against Marlon Tapares in December of last year, and even before that match, there had been rumors that if he won, he might face Neri.

It seems likely that it will be held in Japan, but in that case it will definitely be a “premier ticket” and I think many people will want to watch it live on TV or online.

This time, about Naoya Inoue vs Neri 2024,

  • schedule
  • venue
  • terrestrial television broadcast
  • Live streaming
  • How to watch free videos

We will compile information such as this!

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Naoya Inoue vs Neri 2024 schedule, venue and terrestrial TV broadcast!How to watch live streaming and free videos

What is the date and venue for Naoya Inoue vs Neri 2024?

Let’s first take a look at the overview of the big match that is attracting attention all over Japan!

This match has already been included in the annual schedule of American sports network ESPN, which was updated on Saturday, February 10th.

It specifically states that the match will be held in Tokyo on Monday, May 6th, so it seems very likely that this match will take place.

Regarding holding in Tokyo, Naoya Inoue’s matches in the past were often held at Ariake Arena, but there are rumors that this time it may be held at Tokyo Dome, which has a much larger capacity.

In any case, once it is officially decided, an announcement is likely to be made at a press conference or other venue.

Once the details of the match are revealed, we will add them here, so be sure to check them out!

However, it’s not just the locals who can witness this big match.

Be sure to check TV broadcasts and online broadcasts!


What will be the terrestrial TV broadcast of Naoya Inoue vs Neri 2024?

First of all, it is terrestrial television broadcasting.

However, the number of major martial arts matches, including boxing, being broadcast on terrestrial television has decreased considerably recently.

Nowadays, not only are martial arts broadcasts on terrestrial TV, but also on BS and CS broadcasts, there are many cases where martial arts events are not broadcast on the internet.

Live streaming online, including pay-per-view (PPV), has become mainstream for high-profile events.

The video distribution service “dTV” has been renewed for Naoya Inoue’s matches, and exclusive live streaming continues on “Lemino”, which started service in April 2023.

Now, let’s take a look at the online broadcast!

What about the live streaming of Naoya Inoue vs Neri 2024?

During the coronavirus pandemic, live streaming of sports events via the internet has become commonplace, right?

Not only because of the coronavirus pandemic, but there are also an increasing number of cases where major sports such as soccer and golf can only be viewed online.

Boxing is no exception!

Big matches from the past few years have been exclusively streamed live on Amazon Prime Video, ABEMA pay-per-view (PPV), etc.

If this match happens, there is almost no doubt that it will be streamed live, but I personally think that “Lemino” is most likely.

How to watch Naoya Inoue vs Neri 2024 for free?

Here, we will introduce how to watch a highly anticipated match for free if it happens!

Of course, if it were to be broadcast on terrestrial TV, it would be free, but there is a strong possibility that this will not be the case for this match, so we will let you know here once the video distribution service is decided.

The video distribution service is also characterized by the fact that there are ways to watch it at a great value, such as the first month of subscription being free.

Please continue to check it out!


This time, we have summarized the schedule, terrestrial TV broadcast, live streaming, and how to watch free videos for Naoya Inoue vs. Neri 2024.

Naoya Inoue’s title match, which has been long-awaited by boxing fans, is likely to take place in Tokyo in May.

If this happens, it will be a match that will draw the attention of martial arts fans around the world!

If the event is confirmed, the venue, TV broadcast, online broadcast, etc. will be revealed in due course, so we will add them to this article as they become available!

Now, let’s look forward to the announcement of the big match!

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