N1A Basketball Championships: Clubs Set for Intense Match-Ups After Draw

The clubs involved in N1A basketball are now set on their opponents, following the draw carried out yesterday at the Palais des Sports Mahamasina. The first round is scheduled for June 1-9.

Naturally placed in the top hat of the Eastern Conference, the Toamasina Sports and Cultural Association (Ascut), the most successful team with six national coronations (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2021) and vice- reigning champion of Madagascar, falls on the National Police Omnisport Club (Cospn), three times champion of Madagascar (2018, 2021, 2022), Sôma beach basketball club of Boeny (SBBC) and the Armed Forces Omnisport Club (Cosfa). The latter will also take advantage of this 2024 edition of the championship to regain his health.
Clashes of titans in perspective await fans of the orange ball. AS Fanalamanga from Alaotra Mangoro, who likes to surprise, also completes the group with BCB Boeny.

Hot starters
In the Center Conference, phase 1 will take place from June 15 to 23 in Antsirabe. Here too, the fights promise to be heated between GNBC, reigning champion, TGBC Betsiboka and SBC Vakinankaratra who will play in front of their audience. This leading trio will also have ASS Menabe, NGB Itasy and MBC Atsinanana on the menu for this first stage.
For the ladies, the GNBC will play in Toamasina with the Ascut and the TGBC. As for the reigning champion, MB2A All Analamanga, he will be competing in Antsirabe alongside JEA, Ankaratra, Fandrasa, Serasera, four local teams, as well as BTBBA Diana, Fandrasa Haute Matsiatra and BTBBA Diana.
As a reminder, only the four best teams will go to the capital to compete in the Elite 8. The final phases will take place from September 26 to October 6.

Soafara Pharlin

Distribution of groups by Conference
Est: Ascut East, GNBC Analamanga, TGBC Betsiboka, Fandrefiala Analamanga, Tamifa Amoron’i Mania, USJFM South West
Center: JEA Vakinankaratra, MB2All Analamanga, Ankaratra Vakinankaratra, Fandrasa Haute Matsiatra, BTBBA Diana, Serasera Vakinankaratra
Est: Ascut East, Cospn Analamanga, SBBC Boeny, Cosfa Analamanga, BCB Boeny, Fanalamanga Alaotra Mangoro
Centre: SBC Vakinankaratra, GNBC Analamanga, TGBC Betsiboka, ASS Menabe, NGB Itasy, MBC East

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