Monza-Milan 4-2, the report cards: Thiaw and Jovic, unforgivable naivety. Pioli, the turnover fails

A crazy ending and a spectacular match: this is the verdict of Monza-Milan, which is perfectly outlined in the final 4-2 after a swing of emotions. In the second half the match was decidedly livelier than in the first half, with Milan coming close to making a comeback but not completing it. The Rossoneri lose after nine games without defeat, no overtaking Juve. Here are the votes for the protagonists of the U-Power Stadium.

— Monza report cards —-

Michele DI GREGORIO 6 – Attentive in low exits and effective in interventions between the posts. At the half-hour mark, a clash of heads with his teammate Carboni forces him to leave the field (from 43′ SORRENTINO 6 – He can do nothing about Giroud’s blunder and Pulisic’s unpredictable marker)

Samuele BIRINDELLI 6 – In the second half, with the advantage of the extra man, he allows himself more freedom in attack and comes close to making it 3-1

Armando IZZO 6.5 – Keeps a good watch on the Rossoneri’s left-wing raids with his usual garra

Pablo MARI 6 – In constant offensive projection, concentrated on defense

Andrea CARBONI 6 – During the clash with Di Gregorio he risks a lot with a hold on Theo in the penalty area

Roberto GAGLIARDINI 6 – We don’t see much, but he creates a lot of wood in midfield

Matteo PESSINA 7 – Cold from eleven metres, third goal in the championship on a penalty: the captain’s heart in the final, he actively participates in the attack which is worth the victory

Valentin CARBONI 6.5 – Action like a champion on the occasion of the 2-0: lightning counterattack and perfect assist to Dany Mota (from 65′ BONDO 7.5 – Palladino inserts him in the last half hour to take advantage of the extra man in depth: in the final he scores the first goal against Minza with a true masterpiece. Very good)

Andrea COLPANI 6 – Always in the thick of the home team’s action. He misses the 3-0 with a header just wide (from the 79th minute MALDINI SV)

Dany MOTA 7 – Star of the evening: he has the merit of “earning” the penalty due to a foul – naive – by Thiaw. Shortly after he scores the 2-0 finalizing Monza’s perfect restart (from the 79th minute PEREIRA SV)

Milan DJURIC 6.5 – Fights and struggles among the Devil’s central defenders. He touches the top corner with a wonderful twist of the head in the penalty area (from 65′ COLOMBO 6.5 – The ex of the match scores the poker goal and doesn’t celebrate. The icing on the cake)

All Raffaele PALLADINO 7 – His Monza team leaves the ball to Milan in the first half hour, then takes courage and makes perfect use of two counterattacks. In the second half he suffered the Rossoneri’s comeback, but he had the strength and the men to redirect the result in his favor again. Intelligent match, thanks to the numerical superiority. Three points that boost morale (it was the first victory against Milan) for the rest of the championship

Pessina celebrates the goal in Monza-Milan – Serie A 2023/2024

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— Milan report cards —

Mike MAIGNAN 5.5 – Little responsibility for the goals conceded, but four goals conceded dirty the Milan goalkeeper’s statistics

Alessandro FLORENZI 5.5 – Too light marking on Dany Mota during Brianza’s 2-0 win: the Portuguese has plenty of time to kick. In the final partial redemption thanks to Giroud’s active participation in the goal (from the 83rd minute MUSAH SV)

Malick THIAW 4 – Returns to the starting lineup after almost three months due to injury. A total disaster. The penalty foul on Dany Mota was naive and came three seconds after another borderline foul on Djuric. Unforgivable, as was the empty exit on Carboni at 2-0

Matteo GABBIA 5.5 – In an evening to forget for Pioli’s defensive back unit, the central defender made mistakes only towards the end when Milan threw themselves all forward in search of the sensational victory. Bad in the retreat against Colombo at 4-2

Theo HERNANDEZ 5 – The great Rossoneri absentee at the U-Power Stadium. Ectoplasmic performance

Ismael BENNACER 5.5 – The Algerian elf moves between the lines, low center of gravity and speed: in the retreat phase, however, he is not flawless: his wrong stop starts the doubling action of Palladino’s men (from 53 ‘ GIROUD 7 – Enters and scores with a tap-in acrobatics of pure class: 12th goal of the season plus 8 assists. Eternal)

Yacine ADLI 5 – A step back compared to the latest outings: few flashes (from 46′ REIJNDERS 6 – He sits in the control room sorting balls with his head held high)

Samuel CHUKWUEZE 5.5 – He started well with desire and fuel in his legs: the Rossoneri’s best opportunity in the first half was at his feet. It goes out as the minutes pass (from the 46th minute PULISIC 7 – Tarantolato. He enters and after two minutes he creates the first chance with a shot which, however, ends up very high. Shortly afterwards he scores the assist for the 2-1 with a header. In the final draws football with the curling shot which is worth 2-2. Increasingly important for the Devil’s maneuver)

Ruben LOFTUS-CHEEK 5.5 – After the brace in the Europa League against Rennes, a performance that was not entirely sufficient: he often disappears from the match

Noah OKAFOR 5 – He takes the place of Leao and disappoints: he touches very few balls and appears listless (from 46′ LEAO 5.5 – A half in which he has little impact: he is not in top condition due to calf fatigue in the hours preceding the match)

Luka JOVIC 4 – The blow to Izzo was very avoidable: he leaves his team at the start of the second half at 2-0. Bad. In fact, very badly

All Stefano PIOLI 5 – He leaves Leao, Pulisic and Giroud on the bench, but the turnover doesn’t work and the evening turns into a nightmare that takes away the last faint hopes of a return on Inter. The overtaking on Juventus also failed

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