Monza-Milan (4-2) – Scattered considerations

Milan leaves Monza with broken bones. Palladino wraps up Pioli, author of a questionable turnover.

On the historically “friendly” pitch of Monza, Milan suffers a heavy defeat which slows down his latest ambitions to win the title. A crazy, irrational, paradoxical, schizophrenic game. Impossible to read. We certainly witnessed, for long stretches, one of Milan’s worst performances since the beginning of the year. Soft, inattentive and apparently little interested in commitment players made a bad impression on the Milan club. Losing against Monza, for the first time in Serie A, is not a drama in itself. Losing 4-2 with 10 men won’t be a drama but it’s certainly a shame not worthy of the history of the Rossoneri club.

Palladino’s initial reading of the match is elementary but impeccable. Leave the ball to the Rossoneri, taking advantage of the counterattacks thanks to his arrows. If we can attribute the first goal almost completely to Thiaw’s madness, clearly lacking in athleticism and concentration, in the second it was all Monza. Tight in the lines, ready in the extensions and tremendously effective in the conclusion. It’s all here: long ball, great control by Colpani who, after having disoriented Thiaw again, launches Mota who passes Maignan at the far post. In 3 passes, goal. In the second half, all the shortcomings of the “small” side emerged and, despite their numerical superiority, they risked drawing the match. Then Bondo’s Eurogoal and the goal from the former Colombo player righted the fate of the match in Monza, to the happiness of Palladino and, who knows, also of Galliani.

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Thiaw’s return as a starter was a nightmare. After almost 3 months since the last match from the start, Pioli decided to field the German next to Gabbia, who until tonight was impeccable in every choice he made. The Rossoneri’s match on the 28th, however, was largely insufficient. From the start in difficulty, both against the physical Djuric and against the acrobatic Mota, Thiaw did it all tonight: from the (absurd) penalty he got, to the ease with which he was blasted by Colpani on the occasion of the second goal. An evening certainly to be quickly forgotten for the Teutonic centre-back, probably the author of the worst performance since he wore the Rossoneri.

Now Milan would do well to also take a look at those immediately below in the standings, namely Atalanta and Bologna. The current 7 point lead over fifth in the standings currently seems sufficient to make managers, players and fans sleep soundly. The next match against Atalanta, however, has the absolute flavor of inside-out. He wins, he has a foot and a half in the next Champions League. Lose and the remaining 12 league matches could become more complicated than expected. Considering the mental fragility of the team, Pioli’s task from now on will have to be to maintain extremely high concentration. Contrary to what happened this bad evening.

Because Milan made all this turnover? Even Inzaghi, famous for having squandered a huge advantage on the occasion of the Rossoneri’s Scudetto, has begun to manage the rotations differently: starting the starters, with one or two changes at most, putting the match on ice, and replacing them early. Before a rather important round of 16 match, it is no coincidence that Lautaro Martinez and Marcus Thuram (to name two) started the match (and clocked me). Tonight’s entry of the top players, despite the sacrosanct expulsion given to Jovic at the start of the second half, changed the face of the match. It is no coincidence that the goals came from the feet of the usual Giroud and Pulisic, who also scored an assist. The 3-0 in the first leg against Rennes seemed frankly reassuring. Certainly not a concern to change 6/11 from Thursday night’s starters. We will never know what would have happened if he had started the 11th type, what is certain is that Milan threw away a great opportunity to give continuity to their results. And to overtake Juventus into second place.

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