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Last year, the team finished last in the Constructors’ Cup. Haas made a decision not to extend the contract with “Haas” manager Steiner for this year, which was a surprise to many.

Unofficially, it was known that the two did not agree on the issue of the need to invest more funds in development. While Steiner was aware that competitors were investing in infrastructure and becoming more competitive, Haas was convinced that the current model was the right one, to use a small budget and work from multiple locations.

“Something had to change,” Steiner now reveals in an interview with Autocar. “I’m not saying Haas did everything wrong and everyone else did everything right. F1 has changed from where Haas was when it started in the championship to where it’s gone in the last five years. Now it’s completely different game. All the teams are strong at the moment. You just have to open your eyes if you understand F1 and see what the others are doing. And Haas isn’t doing that. There’s a point where you can’t get anywhere with that attitude anymore. The action is gone relevant to the current times.”

Steiner emphasizes that the Haas factory in England, where the Manor and Marussia teams used to operate, does not meet current needs and has become the weak link of the Haas unit. Meanwhile, the main development of racing equipment is carried out in Italy, which, according to him, is inefficient and also creates problems in the field of logistics, preventing a quick response to the need to make technical changes.

“Once everyone understood the nature of the budget ceiling, everyone started investing in infrastructure to get the most out of the limited budget,” says the former Haas executive. “If you’re buying components from outside suppliers, that’s no longer the best way to do it. You have to invest, not spend money. You have to invest money to get money, but Gene didn’t want to do that. But if he doesn’t want to do that, he has every right not to do that. I’m not trying to teach him how to do things because he owns the team.”

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