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Passenger transportation rates in Mexico City will not increase this year, guaranteed its head of government, Martí Batres Guadarrama, during the presentation of the application for recharging Integrated Mobility Cards (TMI) from the cell phone.

The new service is available in the Mexico City application and with it users of Metro, Metrobús, Trolleybús, Light Train, Cablebús and the Passenger Transport Network will have the possibility of stopping queuing to add more credit to their cards. , because from now on it will literally take them 30 seconds or less to process it.

The head of Government of Mexico City recalled that this administration carried out a great work in public transportation, such as the completion of the first phase of rehabilitation of Metro Line 1, the reconstruction of Line 12, there is a releveling of lines 9 and B; Cablebús route 3 is under construction and routes 1 and 2 are already in service; and 9 new units were purchased for the Light Rail.

“In addition, of all these works, I want to highlight that fares have not increased and public transport fares will not increase in 2024,” confirmed Batres Guadarrama,

The Metro ticket, for example, currently costs five pesos, the Metrobús six pesos, the RTP truck ticket is two pesos and the trolleybus has two fares, two and four pesos.

Along the same lines, Eduardo Clark, director of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation, noted that the new service in the Integrated Mobility Module of the Mexico City Application is free and with this it is possible to have clear and transparent rates.

A video later described how the modality operates, which begins when the user places their mobility card under the phone to know the balance they have, then goes to the recharge phase where they must choose the payment option, through which It is possible to register any credit or debit card, you must also capture the card’s security code and press the pay option; Once the payment is approved, the person will read the integrated mobility card again, so that the balance is assigned to it and it is ready to use.

“Also another facility that is important is that people who do not have a debit card, credit to recharge online, can also find each and every recharge point in the application, that is, where they can recharge using coins, using tickets at the points, be it the Metro, Metrobús, but also the more than 12 thousand external charging points that already exist in small businesses in the city”

The official mentioned that passengers have the options of checking their payment methods in the module, loading more than one credit or debit card and saving them to use them when they want to recharge their TMI.

One million people a day currently recharge their cards to transport themselves, 700 thousand operations are carried out in the Metro, 350 thousand in the Metrobús stations, 35 thousand Cablebús, 26 thousand in Trolleybús, 16 thousand in the Light Train and 32 thousand in the network recharge.

Andrés Lajous, Secretary of Mobility, mentioned that after the generalization of the use of the card, the challenge of expanding the recharge options arose and a tender was held in which 12 companies participated to give the option of placing more balance through the cell phone or in stores. , which now total 12 thousand small stores.

“The recharge that is done today on cell phones is done through the Mercado Pago application, which was the participant in the tender that won that possibility. However, the service that Mercado Pago provides is not a concession nor does it have exclusivity and that It is set from the tender, in such a way that whoever won also had to give the option so that the Government of Mexico City could make the recharges directly from the CDMX Application,” explained the official.

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