MLB International Showcase 2024: Scouts and Former Players Help Develop New Talent

The Department of International Operations from Major League Baseball (MLB), under the umbrella of Program of Association with Coaches It held its 2024 International Showcase last weekend.

Newbies talents from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Curacao were evaluated by executives from the 30 teams in the big tent, at the LoanDepot Park facilities, the Miami Marlins stadium.

During the activity more than 120 players received educational talks of former players of Big leagueswith the aim of helping them maximize their potential on and off the field.

“It is important that you enjoy and take advantage of this chance that we are offering them, the intention of it is that they can maximize their potentialand can fulfill their dreams and they can be Big leagues off and on the field,” said former player Nelson Cruz.

In addition to Cruz, they made an appearance Luis Sojo, Rafael Furcal, Carlos Baerga, Gregor Blanco. Also Mike Hill, executive of the commissioner’s office and John D’Angelo, senior vice president of the Big leagues; Miguel Matos and Henry González, directors of international operations of the MLB and Cristian Reyes, international operations manager.

About Program

He Program of Association with Coaches is a collaboration between the Office of the Commissioner of the Big leagues and independent trainers to help develop international baseball, while seeking to solve important problems within the international player signing market.

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