Milan: Pioli, an evening in which we made many mistakes – Football

“It’s been a long time since we conceded so many goals like this: it was an evening in which we made many mistakes, every time we had to defend better, we paid the price.” This is Stefano Pioli’s analysis after the 4-2 win in Monza. “Tonight we wanted to overtake Juventus and return to being second in the table”, continues Pioli, denying that Milan’s priorities included the upcoming match in Rennes for the Europa League. “Tonight the Europa League was not in our thoughts. The decisive episode was the expulsion and the numerical inferiority.” “It was an evening in which we made too many mistakes – he reiterates -. The match changed for the worse for us from the interruption to the expulsion, we had to be more careful and effective in all those episodes. It was a defeat that hurts for how it arrived.”

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2024-02-18 22:42:58
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