Maxence Caqueret: Rising Star of Olympique Lyonnais

Just yesterday he was 20 years old. An age when Maxence Caqueret began to caress the leather with the professional group of Olympique Lyonnais. On February 5, 2019, about a month before his 20th birthday, the native of Vénissieux played his first minutes with Les Gones. It was during a 1/32nd final of the Coupe de France against Bourges (2-0 victory). Starting alongside Tanguy Ndombele who did not hesitate to take him under his wing, the footballer born in 2000 played 71 minutes. An important moment for the player, who told us about his baptism of fire during an interview carried out a year ago.

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“I have great memories of it, because it was my first professional match against Bourges. It was a very complicated match on a pitch that was not very good. But it remains a very good memory because it remains my first professional match. Since then, the midfielder has played 156 other matches in the jersey of his favorite club. He was able to find his place in the starting eleven, through hard work. Highly appreciated by his teammates, he became one of the team’s executives, whose status has evolved over the years. Last year, he told us he had more influence in the locker room.

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Two turning points in his season

This is still the case this season. His fifth as a professional. He feels more listened to and appreciated in the privacy of the locker room, we were told. However, this 2023-24 exercise was much more delicate than the previous ones for him and his teammates. For a very long time, OL were last in Ligue 1. The Rhone residents had a string of complicated performances. All while managing multiple changes of coach and staff or even conflicts between the old and new management. A particular context which inevitably had an impact on the players.

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As far as Caqueret is concerned, he tried to put things into perspective and move forward during this period of instability. Despite everything, as for all the other players on the team, it was not easy to perform in this climate of permanent tension. Thus, he alternated between the good and the less good during the first months of competition. But two events turned his season on the right side. The first turning point was the arrival of Pierre Sage as head coach. A coach who knew how to revive the team and the players.

L’influence positive de Matic

“Pierre Sage brings us serenity, he brings us a lot tactically. And I think that shows in our matches. We are much more solid, more structured”, the Frenchman admitted on December 10. The second key moment for the footballer who celebrated his 24th birthday on February 15 corresponds to the arrival of Nemanja Matic. Snatched from Rennes this winter, the Serbian is doing a lot of good for the midfielder and more broadly for the team. If Tolisso or Mangala accompany them in the midfield, Matic and Caqueret, who are associated, get along wonderfully.

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Close sources explained to us that the player trained at OL feels more liberated and can project himself forward and let loose a little more offensively since he knows that the former Chelsea and Manchester United player is holding the house behind. Matic, who inspires confidence and serenity, is a true leader. The Serb, who has considerable experience and considerable tactical rigor, has a positive influence and does not hesitate to advise the Frenchman. The latter listens to the valuable advice of his elder, described as a “very nice” person. The relationship between the two men is very good both on and off the green rectangle.

Caqueret is the most used player at OL

And it shows. Maxence Caqueret continues superb performances. He has been very good during his last outings, whether against OM, Montpellier or even Nice more recently. Moreover, he was rewarded by scoring a very nice goal against MHSC. From the left at that. A man in good form on the Lyon side, the midfielder is on a good run, he who is the only OL player to have started all of his club’s matches this season. Whether it is Laurent Blanc, Jean-François Vulliez, Fabio Grosso and Pierre Sage, all the coaches have made him a starter.

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Which shows a certain confidence in his qualities, but also respect for his attitude, considered very good in Lyon. Despite the competition, which he experiences well and which helps him to be better according to close sources, Caqueret, who also shows versatility, always ends up playing. This season, he has played a total of 25 matches in all competitions, including 21 played in full. The Frenchman, who spent 2197 minutes on the field this year, scored 2 goals and provided 1 assist. Great for OL who still hope to be able to count on the player under contract until 2027 on Friday in Metz.

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