Marvel and Disney Furious Over NBA’s VR Project: An Insider’s Look

By Joël Pütz | Sports journalist

Orange ball phenomenon, Victor Wembanyama already serves as a showcase for the NBA to present its new projects and innovations. But one of them visibly raised eyebrows among some big names at Marvel and Disney studios…

Victor Wembanyama is already a superstar, it’s impossible to deny it when he only has around fifty NBA games under his belt. The Frenchman has put the majority of players and observers at his feet, he is a hit on the floors and some like Kevin Durant sees him becoming the boss of the league in the years to come. Obviously, its leaders know that it is necessary to make the most of its hype.

That’s why, at the opening of All-Star Weekend, Adam Silver & co. presented their new project with the Spurs pivot: watching matches in virtual reality with filters worthy of the best animated films of the moment. Enough to attract an even wider audience… but not everyone likes it. Chris Miller, screenwriter of the films Spidermannotably let out a huge rant:

Marvel and Disney furious after league’s VR project

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“The more I talk about the French to NBA franchises, the more I am told that…

Chris Miller talks about the NBA’s new AI system that lets you watch games in the style of animated films, like the Spiderverse: “This crazy AI is nothing like the innovative, hand-crafted artistry of the films. As far as I know, they never contacted us to ‘draw’ the style of the films.”

As a reminder, animated films Spiderman are produced by Marvel… and by Disney which is the owner. Above all, the cinema giant is a long-standing partner of the NBA and notably owns the channel ESPN. Except that obviously, the league’s project does not meet the standards of the creators and artists involved in the Spiderverse… At this point, Miller is almost talking about poor quality plagiarism.

The guy might as well have said he was going to call his lawyer right away.

The NBA wants to open up even more to the general public and being in a commercial partnership with Disney, the league wants to use its talent in animation to popularize its content on the courts. But apparently not everyone is a fan of the initiative within the Hollywood giant…

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