Mari Carmen Romero, challenger for the world super bantamweight boxing title… by surprise!

The boxer from Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia) Mari Carmen Romero will fight this Saturday for the super bantamweight world title against the Danish Dina Thorslund unexpectedly, since the Turkish Seren Cetin, who was going to fight that fight in Copenhagen, fell from the poster at the last minute due to an eye injury.

The 38-year-old veteran boxer from Murcia received a call from the World Boxing Council and the fight promoters this Friday, and immediately agreed to apply for the universal title unified with the World Boxing Organization after having won it three times. European champion.

‘Maribicho’, as she is known in the world, arrives with nine fights won out of the 13 contested, two by KO, but she will face the number 1 in the international ranking, 30 years old, with 20 victories in as many fights, eight of them by knockout.

His achievements include nine world super bantamweight and bantamweight titles. Romero, in addition, was preparing to attack the European title on April 13 in a fight to be held in Puerto Lumbreras, so now he will have to double his efforts to face both challenges with guarantees.

2024-02-23 21:09:33
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