Marcelino’s Tactical Evolution: Lessons Learned from Marseille to Villarreal

The draw for the round of 16 of the Europa League was teasing with OM and Marcelino. The former club technician, who left at the start of the season after only 7 matches played, quickly found a position with Villarreal. His start was correct even if he did not manage to completely turn things around (12th in La Liga). His 4-4-2 playing system, which he has made a specialty of since the start of his career, quickly showed its limits on the Canebière. This is one of the reasons that condemned him.

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We have to believe that the coach has learned his lesson. In one of his first matches with the Yellow Submarine, he fielded a team with a 3-man defense, which surprised Pablo Longoria. “I’ve never seen him do that.” would have let go of the leader, reports Provence in today’s edition. A long-time friend of Marcelino, the OM boss has always refused to criticize his short-lived coach in public.

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