Marc Marquez Excited to Defend Gresini Racing MotoGP Team Supported by Indonesian Sponsors – Gresini Racing racer, Marc Marquez, admitted that he was happy to be able to defend the MotoGP team which is supported by many sponsors from Indonesia. According to Marquez, this actually strengthens his connection with his fans, most of whom also come from Indonesia.

As is known, collaboration between Gresini and Indonesian brands began in 2012. In recent years, Indonesian sponsorship for Gresini has increased. They have even just extended their collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through the ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ program.

At the Gresini Racing and Wonderful Indonesia Kick-Off Press Conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (3/2/2024), Marquez admitted that he was happy to be able to visit again. This is Marquez’s first visit to Indonesia as a Gresini rider, because previously he always came as a Repsol Honda rider.

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Want to appear in Mandalika in the best condition

Sandiaga Uno, Marc Marquez, Alex Marquez, Nadia Padovani, and Carlo Merlini (c) Gresini Racing

“Most of Gresini’s sponsors come from Indonesia, and this is something I like, because I have a lot of fans in Indonesia. I always feel very happy every time I come here. Last December I even vacationed here with my girlfriend,” said the eight times world champion.

“You guys worked very well. My girlfriend and I spent time in Bali, in Ubud, and I felt very happy. Mandalika will be an important Grand Prix for our team, and we will try to come in the best condition to achieve the best position as well ,” said Marquez.

Marquez can’t wait to race at the Mandalika Circuit, which will hold the Indonesian Grand Prix on 27-29 September 2024. He believes that the large amount of support from Indonesian sponsors will make Mandalika look like the home series of Gresini from Faenza, Italy.

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An Important Event for MotoGP

Marc Marquez, Alex Marquez, Nadia Padovani, and Carlo Merlini (c) Gresini Racing

“We joked with MotoGP fans in Indonesia and also Gresini sponsors that it seemed Mandalika would be our second home Grand Prix,” said the Spanish racer to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno in a podcast ‘Talk with The Minister’ on the Wonderful Indonesia YouTube channel.

“So, this is a very important event, even for MotoGP. The reason is, every time we come to Mandalika or other circuits, our relationship with Indonesia is very close. There are always lots of fans who come and the riders really appreciate it,” concluded Marquez.

Marquez and his younger brother and partner, Alex Marquez, are now leaving for Malaysia to take to the track in the pre-season test at the Sepang Circuit on 6-8 February 2024.

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