Major League Baseball’s New Uniforms Spark Controversy as Players Voice Complaints

Major League Baseball unveiled new uniforms during this spring training camps.

One problem: They may be a little too revealing.Â

Photos have shown that the new look is somewhat embarrassing. In some shots, the white pants are translucent.Â

Everyone hates them, Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Trea Turner told the Associated Press. We understand that it’s a business decision, but I think we all wanted to keep (the pants) as they were, with maybe a few small modifications here and there.

This criticism may seem harsh, but there are legitimate criticisms about Major League Baseball’s uniforms with the season starting in less than a month.

Nike has been designing these uniforms since 2020, and Fanatics has been producing them since 2017.

Fanatics is also the NHL’s supplier starting next season, both for jerseys worn by players and those offered to fans.

This year, however, marks the arrival of a new model, the Vapor Premier sweaters.

League officials say these new uniforms improve mobility by 25%, and dry 28% faster. The lettering and logos on the sleeves are less bulky to make the uniforms more comfortable and lightweight.Â

Players seem to appreciate this aspect of change. The Vapor Premier was first tested during the All-Star Game last season, and the players loved it.

Athletes in general, and baseball players in particular, are rarely keen on change. Last season, a new set of rules – including larger bases, a dial for pitchers and a limit on the number of times they can leave the mound – initially sparked discontent, but ended up being recognized as a positive initiative.

So when players started bemoaning the new uniforms, the gripes seemed normal. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred dismissed the criticism out of hand and said players would get used to it.

That was until the pants problem became known. When players wear a white sweater and pants, if the sweater is tucked into the pants, it makes the players look like they are wearing a diaper.Â

That’s not all. Due to distribution problems, not all teams received their new uniforms. The Padres are still wearing their pants from last season.Â

Players’ Association deputy director Bruce Meyer relayed his members’ concerns to the league. Nike also sent representatives to training camps to talk to players.

We always put the athlete at the heart of everything we do, Nike said in a statement to the Associated Press. We work with major baseball players, teams and the league to offer the best performing uniforms.

Distribution issues should be resolved by the season opener, which is March 28 for most teams.

As for the translucent nature of the pants, it will be more difficult. Carrying over last year’s pants is an option.Â

Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove brushed off the controversy when he said it was far from what worried him most heading into the season .HAS

The fact remains that they are only pants. If they don’t, we’ll take care of it.

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