Mainz 05 Coach Jan Siewert Under Fire After Crushing Defeat

Was that it for Sieglos-Siewert?

Mainz 05 also fails at VfB Stuttgart. The 1:3 is the sad end to the English week, on which the Bundesliga penultimate team had pinned so many hopes.

0:1 against Bremen. 1:1 against Union. Now the VfB bankruptcy. A total of eleven games without a win since U23 coach Jan Siewert (41) took over from the resigned Bo Svensson.

Unstoppable Undav scores again

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Immediately after the game, 05 sports director Martin Schmidt (56) indicated, almost as expected, that a separation was on the cards as a consequence.

The Swiss: “We will sit together on Monday, analyze and see what the next steps are. It’s clear that we can’t continue playing like this. We need victories. We have to change a few things, you can see that. We will discuss this closely with the trainer and look for solutions.”

What Siewert conjured up on the pitch at VfB looked a lot like ultimate desperation. A whole bunch of players were swapped around and put into positions that they had barely held before. Clearer Papela and offensive man Richter as right-back, midfielder Krauß in the five-man chain.

Admittedly, as so often in the last few months, Siewert again had to struggle with short-term failures. This time Widmer, Onisiwo and Mwene reported sick or injured. But the coach also fails to bring consistency to his formations and style of play. The concept looks different.

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The game went like so often: Mainz started strong and could have led. But after a defensive misfire and a goal conceded, the team fell apart. There was hardly any rebellion after that, even if luckless striker Ajorque finally ended his long goal drought. Striker Jonathan Burkardt at DAZN: “We’ve got another one on our hands. We collapse completely after 0-1. That is not enough. We talk about the same shit every week.”

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What does Siewert say?

When asked by BILD whether he is still the right coach for Mainz 05, he answers combatively: “Basically, we in the coaching team have done everything we can to ensure that the team is successful in every game. It was extremely difficult for us today. The team didn’t give up. I am sure that this process we are in will lead to victories. I believe this win against Augsburg will come.”

It is questionable whether he will still get this chance. Or whether successful U19 coach Benjamin Hoffmann (44) will take over.

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