Lyon Prepares to Host Foreign Delegations for Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Analyzing fun-loving NBA players, including Tyrese Haliburton and Jarrett Allen

Have you been enjoying the impressive performance of Coby White this season in Chicago? I certainly have. After a lackluster first four years, White has really stepped up his game this winter. With Zach LaVine out, White had the opportunity to shine and he has been consistently delivering excellent performances. Since November 30th, he has been averaging 22.4 points and 6.0 assists, while shooting 39.7% from beyond the arc on an average of 7.5 attempts per game. This is a significant improvement for White and he is taking advantage of his latest opportunity. He is driving to the basket more frequently (already surpassing his number of dunks from last season), making more plays, and adding excitement to Bulls games that can sometimes be slow-paced.ooooooop ????

Tyrese Haliburton seals the victory.

The Thunder are a highly entertaining team in the league. They have the potential to fill an entire All-Fun team lineup, but unfortunately, this is not possible due to the restrictions of the Constitution. However, we can include Williams on this list. He may sometimes be overshadowed by the other two stars on the team, but he is a crucial member of the Thunder’s “big three”. If the big three were compared to a boy band, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander would be the MVP, Chet Holmgren would be the tall and unique one, and Williams would be the versatile all-rounder. He is a skilled guard with a long wingspan, making him a force on defense. In particular, he stood out in a game against the Celtics in January where he shut down Jrue Holiday and Jaylen Brown. Williams excels in a supporting role, but can easily transition into a leading role in the fourth quarter when needed. He embodies the spirit of the Thunder this season and deserves a spot on this list.

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The player has 6.8 points, a 56.3% field goal percentage, and a 55.6% 3-point field goal percentage.

I am aware that it may sound unbelievable, but the purpose of watching the NBA is to enjoy oneself. When you tune into a basketball game, you do not expect to be bombarded with advertisements for betting, or to complain about the Wi-Fi or streaming issues. You simply want to watch a game and have a good time. This is the reason we all engage in this activity.
Victor Wembanyama, alien, San Antonio Spurs

There are many approaches to enjoying basketball. Some may prioritize efficiency, others may prioritize winning championships, and some may enjoy following the latest controversies and drama. Personally, I watch for the enjoyment factor and do not wish to see robotic referees and constant replay reviews. Human error can add an element of fun to the game.

He has the ability to dunk and shoot from any spot on the court, and can even block 10 shots in a single game. He resembles a talented Reed Richards and has been a joy to watch. His playing style is truly captivating, even the less exciting moments are still intriguing. It’s impressive to witness a 7-4 player effortlessly make a 3-pointer while dribbling, or fake out a defender with a cut to the basket for an alley-oop. He has elevated a mediocre team to be worth watching.

Coby took the defense dancing ????@NBCSChicago | @CobyWhite hits his fifth 3️⃣

Is Cam Thomas not being guarded by any defenders?

Jalen Johnson is a small forward playing for the Atlanta Hawks.

The New York Knicks tweeted on February 4, 2024.

Jalen Suggs is a guard for the Orlando Magic.


Jalen Williams, a player in the wing position for the Oklahoma City Thunder.????????????

“The Indiana Pacers’ official Twitter account, @Pacers, posted on March 5th, 2023.”

However, there are still rules in place. As mentioned last year, only one All-Star is permitted. While rules may not be exciting, they are necessary. Otherwise, the team would consist solely of star players like Nikola Jokić, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Stephen Curry. The beauty of basketball is that being skilled at the sport often results in an enjoyable viewing experience. The team will have a starting five and a bench five, with a focus on including new players instead of those who were selected last year. With only 10 players honored so far, it shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid repetition. So, as much as I admire Jalen Brunson and Alperen Şengün, here are 10 fresh faces to appreciate this season.

Allen is the forgotten hero in Cleveland. He’s an old-school kind of fun. He’s big and strong and he muscles people around. He’s a perfect example of why the NBA could do with some more physicality. But he’s also got a deft touch around the rim. He’s among the league’s best rim protectors and he’s 10th in dunks. He helped stand the Cavaliers up while they were missing Darius Garland and Evan Mobley earlier this month.

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— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) December 21, 2023

Johnson’s third-year improvement has been a valuable asset for the Hawks this season, serving as a strong foundation for their future. With an increase in minutes, not only have the Hawks benefited, but Johnson has also been a force to be reckoned with on the court. His explosive drives to the basket make him a threat every time he steps onto the court. Additionally, playing alongside one of the league’s top lob passers only adds to his skills. Standing at 6-9 and weighing 220 pounds, Johnson’s physicality adds power to his finishes. However, he is not just a dunker, as he has also proven to be a reliable 3-point shooter with a 36.1 percent success rate this season. Johnson’s versatility has greatly enhanced the Hawks’ game this year, making them a more captivating team despite a lackluster overall season.

Cam Thomas is a skilled scorer, as the popular kids would say. He has stepped up to fill the void left by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s shots and is not afraid to take his own. It may not be the most efficient, but it’s entertaining to watch. At just 22 years old, he is averaging 21.5 points per game and his minutes and usage rate have increased significantly from last season. However, his shooting efficiency has not seen the same improvement. Despite this, we can still appreciate Thomas’ ability to score in bursts. In 44 games, he has scored 30 or more points in six games and 40 or more points in three games. In a league dominated by high-scoring offenses, it’s refreshing to see a player who can just go off and put on a show.

To start, being called “The Big Ragu” automatically puts you on the All-Fun team watchlist. Additionally, DiVincenzo has been a pleasure to watch in New York this season. He may not receive much recognition, but he is a disruptive force on the Knicks. DiVincenzo is a key part of Tom Thibodeau’s defense, constantly causing chaos and making plays. On offense, he has significantly increased his 3-point attempts, which is a signature of the Leon Rose-era Knicks. Despite playing fewer minutes, DiVincenzo has taken 16 3-pointers in a game twice this season. He is one of only 17 players to average at least one steal and seven 3-point attempts per game this season, putting him in the company of current or former All-Stars such as CJ McCollum, Bogdan Bogdanović, Terry Rozier, and Desmond Bane. This is a noteworthy accomplishment.


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