Looking the other way with the dead journalists in Gaza

Information professionals have gathered this Wednesday at noon in Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona to protest the systematic killing of reporters in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. They have put up 116 posters, with the names of the victims. The Committee to Protect Journalists confirms 85, but says it is still investigating and trying to confirm many more cases: this explains the difference. Most of the dead are in Palestine (78), although there are also deaths in Israel (4) and Lebanon (3). It is true that some of these professionals were linked to media linked to Hamas, as some defenders of the military actions ordered by Netanyahu recall, but it is a perverse argument: they remain civilians and, therefore, to eliminate them – we must insist : systematically – it is a war crime for which Israel will have to answer at some point. Meanwhile, suddenly the silence of some media. No matter how much your editorial line defends Israel’s theses, this massacre is unjustifiable and directly attacks the public’s right to receive information on the ground. It must be remembered that the journalists who live in Gaza are the only ones who can report from the front line, because the Israeli government does not allow the entry of the international press.

Governments around the world have recently redoubled the pressure on journalists. They have empowered themselves communicatively and discredit the profession, out of pure personal interest. I’ll let you know, bitch. You already know that I’m not at all a corporatist – on the contrary: the media are responsible for a large part of the crisis they’re suffering – but if we don’t protect journalists we leave the ground ripe for information gaps and structural manipulation. That’s what’s happening in Israel, compounded by some deafening silences.

2024-02-07 18:54:59
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