Lieshout Youth Badminton Team Narrowly Loses Exciting Match

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Lieshout – The youngest youth team of Badminton Club Lieshout, which plays in the ‘silver class’, narrowly lost an exciting match against the youth of Good Luck-J3. The match eventually went to the opponents from Belfeld with a 1-2 score. The low final score already indicates that there were many draws in this match. Despite this loss, the team is in a respectable second place in the 21st division of this silver category.

Badminton Club Lieshout wants their players to participate in the competition from an early age. This makes them better and they really learn to play badminton better. For that reason, the Lieshout association has joined the national association: Badminton Netherlands. In addition to this national association, there are several other associations in the Netherlands, including in Helmond, Den Bosch and Breda. The national association also wants young youth to play competitively, which is why it is organizing a (phased) competition for the youngest youth this season, which has its own rules. This competition is divided into three levels: bronze, silver and gold.

BCL-J2/MK Sport- Good Luck-J3: 1-2
The silver team of Badminton Club Lieshout consists of Siebe Klomp, Jim Schrama and Teun Scheepers. They played an exciting match against their peers from Belfeld. The doubles match of Siebe Klomp and Jim Schrama against Noa van Horck and Joep Hendriks was especially exciting. However, with 11-9 and 10-12 no winner could be determined: in this silver class no extra decisive third set is played and in such a draw neither team receives any points. No points were awarded in Teun Scheepers’ singles match either. He drew against Siem Thijssen. Of the maximum points to be distributed (6), only 3 were ultimately distributed.

Badminton and fun
At Badminton Club Lieshout, the youth groups are not just about competing and performing. In addition to training and playing matches, there is plenty of time for fun side activities. After the New Year’s drinks with glow-in-the-dark badminton, it was time for fancy dress badminton just before carnival. In this way, youth guidance offers young people a lot of fun.

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