Li Ning Shares Vision for China’s Sports Industry at International Summit in Macau

From February 23 to 24, 2024, the first Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit with the theme of “Connecting the World with Sports” was grandly held in Macau, China. Mr. Li Ning, founder of Li Ning brand and chairman of the group, and Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Li Ning Group Marketing Officer Mr. Wang Yi attended the summit. At the summit, Mr. Li Ning held a dialogue and exchange with Mr. Yao Ming, Chairman of the Asian Basketball Federation and Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, on the theme of “Inheritance and Development: Chinese Sports from a Diverse Perspective”. The two parties had an in-depth discussion on the inheritance of sportsmanship and the development of China’s sports industry. prospects and other important issues.

Mr. Li Ning (fifth from left) and guests jointly opened the summit

The Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit is committed to promoting the coordinated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the global sports industry, and helping the Greater Bay Area play its role as a bridge connecting China with Asia and other parts of the world through sports. From the perspective of a sports person, Mr. Li Ning shared his journey from being a professional athlete to creating the Li-Ning brand, and shared his confidence and outlook for China’s sports industry.

“I firmly believe that China’s sports industry will be full of opportunities in the future and will continue to delve into the Chinese market.”

With China’s rapid development in the world economy and international stage, China’s sports industry is also constantly rising and changing. The public’s demand for the sports industry and sports consumption has become stronger, sports scenes have become more diverse, and the development of sports ecology has become more integrated. Mr. Li Ning said: “The Li-Ning brand firmly believes that the future of China’s sports industry is full of opportunities and has huge room for development. The Li-Ning brand will continue to deeply explore the Chinese market and gradually enter the international market in the future, continue to explore and expand, and seek broader development space.”

The Li-Ning brand will continue to delve deeply into core sports categories and create a more professional sports experience for consumers through continuous polishing of the product matrix in subdivided areas. According to changes in the needs of sports scenes, it will continue to maintain investment and layout in emerging sports categories to create richer Diversified product experience; continue to increase R&D investment to consolidate the development and application of Li-Ning’s own technology; continue to pay attention to the needs of new sports groups, especially the sports needs of youth groups, increase investment, and allow more young people to fully Enjoy the joy and fun of sports and feel the charm of sports.

“Achieve brand value with the core strategy of ‘single brand, multi-category, multi-channel'”

When asked about Li Ning’s corporate business strategy, Mr. Li Ning focused on sharing his thoughts on the company’s “single brand, multi-category, multi-channel” development strategy to convey corporate strategic value.

He said that the road to brand development can be like a hundred flowers, but the Li-Ning brand was created because of his own experience as an athlete, which also gave the company a unique athlete gene. In more than 30 years of development, the Li-Ning brand has remained true to its original aspirations and has accumulated insights into China’s sports industry, understanding of sports categories, product R&D capabilities and channel operation capabilities. On this basis, It has launched strategic layouts in multiple sports category professional fields, using product experience, sports experience and purchasing experience to establish direct connections with consumers, truly integrating into sports and the majority of sports people, and realizing the all-round value of sports brands. At the same time, the Li-Ning brand focuses on multi-channel development and continues to improve channel efficiency.

Thanks to its insistence on the core strategy of “single brand, multi-category, multi-channel”, Li-Ning not only pursues breakthroughs in brand influence and commercial value, but also values ​​the realization of social value, and is committed to developing and growing together with China’s sports industry, using sports His spirit and power influence and infect more people.

“Adhere to serving the public with sportsmanship and continue to invest in supporting youth sports development”

At this summit, youth sports development and youth sports education are important topics of common concern to global sports industry leaders. Mr. Li Ning also said, “The Li Ning brand should convey the core of sportsmanship, serve the public with sportsmanship, support and help the development of Chinese sports, especially inspire more youth groups, and will continue to invest in and support the development of youth sports in the future. “

In basketball, badminton, table tennis and other fields, the Li-Ning brand has gathered various forces to support the development of Chinese youth sports for many years. For example, in the field of basketball, in 2022, Li Ning Company and the China Middle School Sports Association reached a ten-year strategic cooperation on campus basketball for Chinese primary and secondary school students; in the field of table tennis, it provides professional sports equipment guarantees for the National Youth and National Youth League, and participates in the National Youth and National Youth League. training camps, international training camps, etc., to promote more sports exchanges; in the field of badminton, from professional to mass, from events, teams to platform building, all-round coverage and support for China’s youth badminton career; long-term strong support for the National Youth Team and China Badminton The association’s youth events and teams have also set up youth groups under Li-Ning’s independent IP events, and have cooperated with provincial and municipal badminton associations across the country to assist the development of grassroots youth badminton in China.

The holding of the first Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit has injected new vitality and impetus into the development of the global sports industry. As a leading Chinese professional sports brand in the industry, Li-Ning has always taken “igniting passion with sports” as its mission, created professional sports products with technology, adhered to its commitment and investment in sports, and joined hands with global sports forces to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the industry.

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