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Sir Lewis Hamilton is more than a driver. He is a ‘trend icon’. She wears Prada and Versace. Clothing brands are raffling it off. He has a collection with Tommy Hilfiger. He goes to the MET gala. He walks around the paddock with his vegan bulldog ‘Roscoe’.

Fight against racism in F1 or sit on the famous sofa on Graham Norton’s glamorous TV show, next to Kylie Minogue, Ricky Gervais or Elizabeth Banks.
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His signing is much more than a sporting decision for Ferrari. In football they would say of him, Beckham style, ‘he sells t-shirts’.

Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari in 2025 has caused an earthquake in motorsport.

Lewis Hamilton was one of the drivers who spoke out after the FIA’s decision.

Not only because sportingly it is one of the biggest movements in the history of the premier motorsport category, but because the ‘Prancing Horse’ team is betting on a registered brand that invoices millions of euros a year as a strategy to catapult itself again. At the top.

It is its own identity that adds character to its seven world championships. That of Lewis Hamilton will always be a story that will transcend his sporting relevance. Because his impact outside the car is decisive. And Formula 1 is going to benefit from this alliance, which will cause an increase in audiences and interest from brands.

Between 2015 and 2020 Mercedes-Benz won the drivers’ titles, all of them with Hamilton.

A signing of 40 million to return to the top The most successful team in history, the most recognizable brand within the engine and the most important color of the four wheels has met the most decisive driver of the last decade.

An alliance that goes beyond sports for Elkann, the president of Ferrari, and that means an investment of more than 40 million euros for the English star’s salary.

The Ferraris he has

Hamilton, as a car lover and a millionaire man, has not found it difficult to have several very valuable cars, including Ferraris, so he became part of the team.

“There is no shortage of room for the Prancing Horse in his repertoire. Specifically, it is known that Lewis Hamilton has two Ferraris: a Ferrari 599 CTO with 670 HP and a Ferrari LaFerrari with a power of 960 HP. In short, a million-dollar collection of stunning high-end cars,” said La Vanguardia.
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