LeBron James and the Lakers: Deciding the Future at the Trade Deadline

LeBron James: Trade deadline crucial for the future?

But can LeBron be this with the Lakers or does he want such a chance again? James always emphasized that he had nothing left to prove. At the same time, after the Conference Finals last year, he noted that in the late fall of his career, only finals participation and titles would count for him.

Can the Lakers offer that? That is very questionable. The Lakers are also threatened with a scenario in which they could lose the upcoming free agent LeBron without anything in return. The Lakers would then be a cap space team (without D-Lo’s option) in a year with no true free agents, so LeBron would be unreplaceable.

This is also why it makes sense to at least look at the option of a trade in the coming days, even if this is unlikely to happen due to the reasons and statements mentioned above. However, the fact that James will end his career with the Lakers is anything but set in stone.

The coming days will also show how serious the Lakers are about LeBron. The 39-year-old is still good enough to believe in a good playoff team. But if little happens, it could be a sign that James’ time in Tinseltown is coming to an end.

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