League Cup: River played for a little while and beat Riestra | Demichelis’ team won 3-0 with goals from Borja, Nacho and Herrera

The first half was enough for River to secure the victory, consolidate itself as the leader of its area and reserve energy after a week that included a midweek duel for the Argentine Cup. Martín Demichelis’s team exposed its greatest hierarchy for a while and made a three-goal difference in twenty minutes to beat a willful Riestra 3-0, who in Cristian Fabbiani’s debut as coach showed all his limitations when it came to creating play and who knows that it will cost him a lot to maintain the category with this performance.

The match was suspenseful, at least on the scoreboard, until River took the lead. After Borja’s goal, it was all over. With the quality of their midfielders, the visiting team had enough to handle the ball, but they lacked depth in the last meters to violate the fence and the intensity that Riestra proposed. An error in the local start and a bit of bad fortune combined so that the sand castle began to collapse. Borja received a bad clearance and took a good shot, which deflected off Torres and created an impossible parabola for goalkeeper Arce.

If the 1-0 left the feeling of a finished match, not to mention when the second goal arrived, with an almost amateur error by Arce. Faced with a free kick from Nacho Fernández, the goalkeeper wanted to rearrange his barrier at the last moment and the River midfielder did not forgive him with a shot against his post. To make matters worse, Arce seemed to arrive in his recovery attempt, but he missed the blow and ended up looking for the ball inside his goal. At that point, the result reflected the enormous difference between both teams.

With everything going uphill, Riestra did not even have any luck with the VAR, although with his background he does not seem to have much right to complain. The thing is that in the 3-0 that Herrera achieved, the system did not notice that Borja was ahead when he blocked goalkeeper Arce and prevented him from attempting the saving stretch. On the contrary, in the second half, when González Pirez committed a penalty against Jonathan Herrera and earned the red card, the VAR found an advanced position at the beginning of the maneuver, which annulled the action. So from a possible 1-3 with one more man for the last half hour, Riestra was far from everything.

With everything resolved, River was more interested in going to the pool full of people behind the court than to continue the match. That’s why Demichelis began to rotate the squad and the team energy was declining. The work had already been done from the first stage. On the other hand, Riestra did what he could, he tried not to concede any more goals and he also preferred the ending rather than continuing to suffer in a duel that never had any equivalences.

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