Kobe Bryant’s Reflection on the All Star Game and the Lack of Competitive Spirit

Kobe Bryantformer player of the Lakers died in 2020, reflected in an interview five years ago about the All Star Game y the lack of competitive tension that the players are showing in the latest editions of this event. “He All Star Game, In general, it needs a renovation – Bryant noted in an interview with Knuckleheads – because it used to be competitive. Fans want to see the best game. That’s what this is. They don’t want to see you running from one place to another, doing dunks and all this crazy stuff. They want to see what happens when the best basketball players on the planet get together and face each other. The boys play with more intensity in an informal game in UCLA (the University of California) and there are not billions of people watching there.

Bryant was selected in 18 picks for the All Star Game and was named MVP of the game four times. “I think a little change is needed,” he continued. Bryant-. “I always loved competing in those games and I didn’t lose many of them. CP (Chris Paul) And I, when we played in that game, I don’t think we ever lost. In the fourth quarter we used to look at each other and say, ‘Let’s go get them.'”

He All Star Game this year, held in Indiana, ended with only three fouls committed, irrefutable proof of the defenses’ lack of commitment. The players surpassed the limits of the worst games and broke all the scoring records that have ever existed in the All Star: 211 points for the winning team, 397 for both teams, both numbers never seen in 73 years of history.

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