Kickboxing Star Cédric Doumbé Talks MMA, Provocations, and Fighting at the Accor Arena in Quotidien Interview

Cédric Doumbé is the guest of Quotidien Friday February 9. After being one of the great stars of kickboxing, the 31-year-old Franco-Cameroonian has made a real place for himself in the very popular world of MMA. A sport which has experienced growing popularity in recent years in France. The fighter, who also made a name for himself through his provocations (or trash-talking) before fights, holds a motto like no other: “I am the best, so let the best win”. Proof of the enthusiasm around this discipline, the places for his fight against “Baki” on March 7 at the Accor Arena in Paris sold out in just 20 minutes. The native of Douala looks at the values ​​of MMA and looks back on his fight against Jordan Zebo which lasted less than 10 seconds, under the eyes of a stunned Kylian Mbappé. Then, Cédric Doumbé tries to decipher his next opponent and looks at the image of MMA, while he himself has nearly a million subscribers on the social network. The athlete also confides in his beginnings as an actor and more intimately on the importance that his grandmother played in his education, on his faith, he who converted to Islam, and on his will to deconstruct the bad image of virility, he who particularly rebels against violence against women. Finally, Cédric Doumbé says more about a possible fight at the Stade de France.

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