Joshua Kimmich: Cry for love

The misunderstanding between Thomas Tuchel and FC Bayern is evident in Joshua Kimmich. Their time began with a mistake – and ends with a player in developmental crisis.

Speaker Listen to article Sometimes love ends, sometimes it would be better if you could fall out of love. © Ralf Ibing – firo sportphoto/​Getty Images

Eventually he even got into a fight with a trainer. Joshua Kimmich wanted an explanation from Zsolt Lőw, Thomas Tuchel’s assistant: Why was he, of all people, substituted in Bochum last Sunday? The argument almost became violent. This is how reporters described the scene after the final whistle. Just a few days later, FC Bayern and Tuchel announced that they would end their collaboration at the end of the season.

Rarely has a player fallen as far behind in one year as Joshua Kimmich. He was considered the future captain of FC Bayern and the national team, the new, most important footballer in the country. But in the national team he lost his place in midfield before the home European Championships and will play as a right-back, if at all. Thomas Tuchel made him one of many at the club. He didn’t trust him. If the reports are correct, he even wanted to sell it last summer.


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