Javier Aguirre, the Mallorca survivor who wants to have a whiskey in a glass against Real Sociedad

Football is full of prejudices. Fighting to survive is something one can only be proud of from time to time. Never as an essence, because it is a symptom of being lesser. However, achieving permanence is one of the greatest feats that exists. Save equipment. That is why there are men coaches like Javier Aguirre, whose voice comes out when dialing ‘112’, although his career says much more. Because he is at the doors of take Mallorca to a Cup final. Only, which is saying a lot, it has to be better than Real Sociedad at the Reale (9:30 p.m.) and enforce the goalless draw in Son Moix.

Mallorca looked for the stability they were missing in Aguirre

Five years ago the vermilion team was in Second B. Despite arriving in First as if in an elevator, they lived in a state of continuous agitation that the Mexican, back from everything, has managed to calm. The American property led by the extensionist Andy Kohlberg – successor of Robert Sarver, accused of racism and sexual harassment – breathe calmly. Although in Palma there is a certain disappointment due to the league’s weakness. The arrivals of men like Morlanes, Darder or the hiring of Larin opened a way to build on last year’s heritage.

Mallorca was ninth, three points behind Europe. But ‘Basque’ knows well that every season is an adventure. At present, the accounts come out as long as they do not get carried away by the cataclysm of the last three, determined to sell the cheapest relegation in history. The Mexican has burned into the 42 points that ensure he does not fall into the well, except for dramatic cases like Depor in 2010/2011.

This campaign will not even be necessary, but it will be pressing because of what was experienced in previous chapters. He makes a grimace when he remembers the missed penalty against Real Madrid that condemned him against Leganés. Of all the good things that Aguirre has, there is something that honors him. Memory of him and being able to talk about each moment as he really felt it. “Beads are prohibited in this locker room” he said in the locker room of the ‘pepinero’ team. And they almost come out.

The twelve-match ban for throwing stones

Aguirre has become excited again about the Cup in which he left Girona by the wayside when they were at the height of their effervescence as a revelation team. It was the triumph of the usual against the fresh wind of Míchel. A sheltered Mallorca, aware of its power on the counterattack, dismembered the Catalan team in the first half. Then, of course, the well-known lesson of suffering that haunts all of the Mexican teams.

Now he wants to play a similar psychological game against Imanol Alguacil’s Real Sociedad, which is in that phase of the year in which it wants to grab everything with one hand. He has to be in European positions, but he has lost his solvency in the League, while he worries about his adventure in Champions actual. And yet, the San Sebastian team has survived until this month in all three competitions, something that no other Spaniard can say.

Nor does any Mexican have the capacity to tell what Aguirre has experienced.. That’s why it’s worth it if they call him defensive or rescuer., because they are two arguments from which he has built a career that the boy from Colonia Lindavista would never have dreamed of. The son of some Basque emigrants who, before signing for América, the largest club in Mexico along with Chivas, He was sanctioned with twelve games for throwing stones at the refereeas he confessed in a recent press conference.

Everything real, nothing to do with social networks

The penalty in the League match against Real Sociedad was not as severe, but it worked. Raíllo He went out due to a double warning. Van der Heyden also ended up expelled for protesting. They followed the same path Toni Lovesecond coach and Luivi de Miguel, goalkeeping technician. Aguirre was saved by the providence of the Virgin of Guadalupe, because he has always felt comfortable in the tumult.

In the intervention where he committed a ‘sincericide’ with the boy Javier, he vindicated the football that he considers current, although more than one wants to bury him. “It is still a sport that I am passionate about. As fate would have it, two years after this scene – the stoning – I signed my first professional contract.. During this time, I have not lost the essence. That neighborhood of eleven against eleven, the reds against the blues and may the best win. And hit anyone.”

But yes, let the friction be without screens involved, because Aguirre has renounced social networks. “I love the subsequent debate. I admit my mistakes whenever I’m wrong. But from there they call you everything. “Who do I claim?” He regrets the anonymity from which digital hatred is exercised, which is exacerbated in his country.

Talk by Javier Aguirre to the squad in the first training session after the Christmas break. / RCD MALLORCA

An eight-year-old Lagavulin and two ices

Especially for one who has the privilege turned disgrace of leading the national team, as he did on two occasions (he reached the second round of two World Cups and won the gold Cup). A third, not even remotely, because as he points out there are players, especially those who are in Europe, who fear going through the horror of ridicule. At most, he acts as tutor for ‘Jimmy’ Lozano, whom he sees as more “qualified” for this affront.

Despite this and the fact that his ancestry and descendants have Basque names everywhere, Mexico City will be the end of his journey with Silvia, his wife. Together they hope to toast the final. With a Lagavulin for eight years (from 58 euros), as he confessed after defeating Girona. He even surpassed the match against Alavés, where he brought out an entourage of substitutes. They performed and reinforced the morale of the core, essential for ‘Basque’.

Aguirre did not want to talk about drinks in public until the League duel was over. Even after the tie he gave priority “to the ball, with a good gin and tonic.” But now Palma’s refrigerator is already cold so that this can be repeated again: “A ‘whiskyto’, two ices and go to sleep” that he sang after Mallorca’s stay. It is the only thing that ‘Basque’ expects. Proof that all of his football, always agitated, very agitated, has been combined with victory.

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