January leaves 3,690 more unemployed in Catalonia

MADRID January is not usually a good month for the labor market and 2024 is no exception. Seasonality continues to mark the fluctuation of people registered as unemployed or affiliated with Social Security. With the farewell to the Christmas campaign and, therefore, the destruction of jobs in sectors such as trade and hospitality, the former tend to pick up, while people affiliated to Social Security decline. Specifically, in the month of January registered unemployment increased by 3,690 people in Catalonia, up to 347,071 unemployed people, according to data published this Friday by the Ministry of Labor. On the other hand, the number of members decreased by 34,912 people and on average stood at 3.7 million in the Principality as a whole. It is, however, a figure that remains at historical highs and almost represents 100,000 more affiliates than in January 2023.

In the State as a whole, registered unemployment also grew. Specifically, during the month of January it did so in 60,400 people, up to a total of 2,767,860 unemployed. It is, however, a lower figure than the one recorded a year earlier, that is to say, in January 2023, when it started with 140,537 more unemployed people, but also one of the lowest in the historical series. As for the affiliates, in the same way as in Catalonia, in the State as a whole, January has punished them. Membership fell by 231,000 fewer workers compared to December. Total affiliates averaged 20,604,761 people. This is, however, the highest number of contributors for the month of January, the Ministry of Social Security highlighted in a statement. In fact, if compared to January 2023, the average membership in January 2024 has grown by 2.6% (523,537 more workers). If you look at the seasonally adjusted data (cleans up the ups and downs caused by seasonality), Social Security starts the year with 20,881,293 people affiliated. “It is the best data of the historical series”, they emphasize from the ministry.

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