Italian Archers Competing for Medals at 2024 European Indoor Championships

There will be as many as thirteen Italians competing for medals between tomorrow and the day after at the 2024 European Indoor Archery Championships in Varazdin (Croatia).

In the Olympics, in the men’s competition he is in the final for gold Mauro Nespoli will face the Israeli Itay Shanny after beating the Ukrainians Ruban and Usach 6-2 and 7-3 respectively. Usach who will be the opponent of Alessandro Paoli in the bronze medal match after the 6-4 success over the Croatian Gradiscak and the 6-4 defeat against Shanny.
Similar situation in the female where Tatiana Andreoli is in the final for gold against the Ukrainian Pavlova and Lucilla Boari will compete for bronze with the Slovakian Barankova. In the previous rounds Andreoli got rid of her partner Chiara Rebagliati 6-4 and 6-2 with Barankova, for Boari 6-4 with the Ukrainian Hynp and defeat 2-6 with Pavlova. In the Olympic stadium, the two men’s and women’s teams will also be protagonists in the final, having beaten Croatia and Moldova respectively in the semi-finals.

Among the Juniors, Ginevra Landi is in the final for bronze after the incredible victory with the Moldovan Berzan in the second playoff arrow. Now Landi will challenge the Ukrainian Doval after losing the semi-final with the other Ukrainian Chernyk 6-2. The women’s team will play the final for gold, the men’s for bronze.

In the compound Final for the all-blue gold in the women’s compound between Andrea Nicola Moccia, capable of eliminating the British Ella Gibson and her partner Marcella Tonioli with two shoot-offs 146-146 (10-9) and 145-145 (10-10*), and Elisa Roner who beat the British Chapell 148-142 and the Croatian Mlinaric 144-142.

There are six Italian finalists in the bare arch, Giuseppe Seimandi will compete for gold against the Slovenian Dolard after defeating the Swede Petterson 6-5 (10-9) in the shoot-off and his teammate 6-2 Simone Barbieri who in turn will go on to challenge the Swede Jonsson for the bronze after beating the Bulgarian Bakov 7-3 in the quarterfinals.
In the women’s Cinzia Noziglia wins the semi-final match against the other Italian Fabia Rovatti 6-0 and deserves a place in the final for the gold with the San Marino archer Pruccoli, while her partner will shoot for the bronze with the French Andre. Double final for the Juniors with Giulio Locchi against the Swede Rohlin for the gold after beating the Icelandic Arnason 6-4, the final for the bronze instead for Viola Menna is ready for the match with the British Finnegan after first beating the Bulgarian Dimitrova 6-5 (9-8) and then losing in the semi-final to the Icelandic Hauksdottir.

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