Interview with Mirai Takaichi: Competing at Paris Olympics and Navigating Long-Distance Marriage with Husband Kengo – Part 2

Interview with Mirai Takaichi (29 years old), representative of the women’s judo 63kg class at the Paris Olympics. In the second part, she approaches her newlywed life with her husband, Kengo, who has been appointed as the coach of the Taiwanese national team (Part 2 of NumberWeb’s two-part interview/Continues from the first part).

Mirai Takaichi, a female judo player in the 63kg class, will be competing in her third Olympics this summer in Paris.

Rio and Tokyo are “Tashiro” future. And in Paris, Mirai Takaichi will perform on the Yume Stage for the first time.

Her husband Kengo, a former top judo athlete, has been supporting her for the past 10 years.

The two started dating in 2014 and will get married in November 2022. During Kengo’s active years, they had a long-distance relationship between Tokyo and Miyazaki, and after getting married, they both lived in Tokyo, but they lived separately so Takaichi could concentrate on judo. However, last spring, Kengo traveled to Taiwan alone when he was appointed as the coach of the Taiwanese national team, so the sense of distance due to his “long-distance life” has become even more widespread.

Long-distance marriage is “a bit lonely after all”

“People often joke that if we end up together, it might be the end (lol)” (Takaichi)

“If we start living together after the Paris Olympics, we might not get along very well (lol). I’ll be careful not to let that happen.” (Kengo)

The couple laughs and think that this sense of distance may be the secret to their marriage, but Takaichi says, “When I go to Taiwan and come back, I still feel a little lonely.” (Takaichi)

“But once I start practicing, I don’t feel lonely at all (lol). In that sense, I guess I’m someone who turns the switch on and off.”

Her husband, Kengo Takaichi, became the coach of the Taiwanese national team after Takaichi’s teammate Ren Chinglei from Komatsu invited him to join her. Kengo was chosen just as the Taiwanese national team was looking for a coach.

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