International Success at the Judo Tournament: Scandinavian and International Athletes Shine

In addition to participants from all Scandinavian countries and all of Europe, strong teams from Japan and Canada made the judo tournament an experience.

In the U15 age group there were two gold medals for the young athletes Jule Doll and Paulina Ernst. After great victories against international competition, both secured the gold medal after a long day of competition in the spotlight of the final block. Jule won in the up to 40kg class against fighters from NOR, GBR, DEN, IRL and GBR, Paulina won up to 52kg against CZE, CAN and FIN.

Previously, on the first day of competition in the U18 category, Matilda Wamhof up to 48kg and Julia King over 70kg had already won the silver medal. After an opening defeat against a Canadian, Musa Löwen was able to win five more against fighters from FIN, SWE, CZE, CAN and ISL and was happy about the bronze medal. Lilian Bücker achieved a good 5th place up to 52kg after two wins and two defeats. Nikita Schulz and Felix Zimmermann each achieved an individual victory.

Everyone took part in the subsequent training camp to compete against the international competition in training matches.

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