Injury scare for Bilal Coulibaly: French basketball player hospitalized after attempted poster against Cleveland

By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

Bilal Coulibaly attempted a spectacular new poster this Sunday evening against Cleveland, but the Frenchman ultimately ended up in the infirmary. And it’s scary when you see the images.

In front of their home crowd, the Wizards were unable to dispose of the Cavaliers this Sunday evening with a 114-105 defeat. It must be said that Cleveland has been unstoppable for some time, and Jordan Poole’s 31 points coming off the bench were not enough. Worse, Bilal Coulibaly’s injury in the first quarter didn’t help either.

Huge scare for Bilal Coulibaly

Author of only 3 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, Bilal was not able to play long against Cleveland. 6 minutes exactly, with a match that ended abruptly after an attempted post on Max Strus. The Cavs player quickly positioned himself to attempt a forceful pass, but his gesture seemed more dangerous than anything else with Bilal launching at full speed.

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We don’t yet know the severity of the injury, but the images are impressive to see. The Frenchman could have hurt himself very badly in this sequence, he who officially injured his pelvis according to his team. He should take exams this Monday to find out more. Unlikely to be available for upcoming fixtures.

No, Coulibaly has not returned to the floor. The Wizards quickly confirmed in the evening his withdrawal for the rest of the game. We are talking about a contusion to the pelvis at the moment.

Update: Bilal Coulibaly (right pelvic contusion) is out for the rest of the match this evening.

Visit to the infirmary for Bilal Coulibaly, who could have been seriously injured after this fall. A dangerous move from Max Strus and this is the result. Let’s hope for good news this week for the Frenchman.

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