Independiente’s Strong Start and Home Test in League Cup

This is how Independiente arrives at the match vs. Gym

El Rojo is coming off a great start in the League Cup. The first two days he had to be a visitor and in both of them he was victorious. They beat Independiente Rivadavia 1-0 in Mendoza with a goal from Ayrton Costa and 1-0 to Vélez in Liniers with a shout from Joaquín Laso. Now, he will have his first test at home and with his people in Avellaneda.

Furthermore, he received two pieces of good news regarding the last confrontation. Juan Manuel Fedorco, the latest addition, will finally not go on loan and is already training with the Primera, so he could concentrate for the next game. And, of course, this Thursday he signed his first professional contract Thomas Parmo16 year promise.

2024-02-03 19:00:30
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