Illais Judo Club’s Success at Regional Championships: Abel Sanchez Richard Makes It to French Junior Championship Final

It was at the Maison du judo in Toulouse that the 1st division junior regional championship took place. Two signed up for the Illais Judo club, with Sacha Vonrufs De Sousa and Abel Sanchez Richard. For Sacha in -81 kg, no luck in the draw, he meets the regional vice-champion in his first fight and unfortunately, gets injured in the repechage. Abel, in -90 kg, achieved a huge performance by finishing on the podium in the junior competition while he was still a cadet. Thanks to this podium, he is selected for the final of the French junior championship, 1st division, which will take place on Sunday March 3 in Paris.

Abel Sanchez Richard could double the selections, because he is still in the running for the final of the French 1st division championship in his age category as a cadet.

For this qualification, you will have to wait until the meeting in Mèze on Saturday March 9.

At this level it is a first for the JCI and the club is proud to have an Ilois representative in the final of the French junior championships.

2024-02-21 21:59:30
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